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Thursday, 22 June 2017


This is what happens when i fly off the handle.

I say things i later regret, and that's why i always try not to get mad at you.

But then you pull some shady shit and i lose it.

I come raining down on you so cold that you
begin to lose heat.

I say stuff like "you don't mean shit", sometimes i even use the "F" word.

My words cut you deep like a double edged sword.

But here's a little fact you may not believe... it cuts me too.

And i ain't never felt this way 'bout cursing anyone out, till i spilt my heart into two.

One part for me and the other for you.

After all is said and done, i sink into the couch and it begins to hit me.

Left and right, uppercuts and hooks.

I'd done it again.

My words have scorched you to tears, and in my heart i feel pain.

Why is it that every time i vow never to do same, you do a 360 and pull the same.

So help me God this is not a chess game.

Every time i knock your queen out, you put my king in check.

Arguments caused by vanity, Jimmy Choos and bounced cheques.

There's a hole in my heart that only you can fill.

I may get confused 'bout a lot of things, but never 'bout how you make me feel.

I know we settle our fights with great sex.

But then do we always have to get there with either of us getting vexed.

Here i am sitting in this couch, perplexed.

Looking at the clock and watching its hands go "tick-tock".

I'm here, waiting for you to come home.

I know you said things and i said things too, but then one thing is certain... i love you and i know you do right back.

So every time i fly off because of something you did, it's because i expect more from you and my heart feels its been let down... so i vent.

Yeah... i know this doesn't make sense.

Err... maybe it does and maybe it doesn't.

I'll continue to strive so that anger doesn't get in between this love i got for you by the dozens.

So if you're listening to this voicemail, I love you and want you no matter what.

And if you aren't, I'm just gonna keep leaving you messages till you do.

Saturday, 10 June 2017


There I stand, at the gate
Hoping that soon is I shall be let in..

My heart, dried to the last fibre like kilishi
There is nothing left to bleed..


It's like poison deep in me
Twines around like possessed vines
Fucked up; it chokes the life in thee..

Emotional crutch,
Delicious touch,
Gaze into her eyes,
Fall deeper and die..

Always there for you,
You wanted to play a game..
Master card player..

Tuesday, 6 June 2017


She laid her heart bare to me.

Showcasing all her emotional insecurities.

How she's been pushed and pulled by his tides.

How he's got her by the guts, her heart bleeds from the inside.

She says she acts strong, but he's the guy who gets her weak in the knees.

She says what do i do? How can i overcome this please?

I'm afraid to look her in the eyes.

I'm scared of the pain i'd see.

In the midst of many, she feels alone like a marooned sailor at sea.

I'm zero on words to say that will loosen her from his grip.

For i myself have deceived, how then would i liberate the deceived.

A mystery within a mystery wrapped up in an enigma.

Hopefully this cup of dilemma would pass me by.

Coz its taste is sour.

Especially when the lips never wants it to tell what the eyes saw.

I see all I've hoodwinked through her eyes, hearts that have been parted in half with the carpenters saw.

In this moment that she needs me to talk.

I realize the hurt of the others I've blown away like particles of chalk.

I realize i was wrong.

I detest every time i fed a lie, veiled by a romantic song.

So I'm sorry for the hearts i broke, and the love bugs i quashed.

Not that it changes plenty, I'll understand if I'm hushed or shunned.

For every tear i made you shed or every time i spurned you because of what he said or she said.

I promise to put my life on a U-turn, curve it at a bend.

Curve it till y'all say "You see him, he used to be a ripper... but now he's got a heart that bears fruits... everyone around him os a reaper".


That i wouldn't sell my soul on this trail.

That i would have loads of you by the time i'm frail.

That i wouldn't spend a lifetime chasing you and end up grasping the wind.

It's gonna be really hard to pay for you without sins.

But then having you may lead to me causing scenes.

Since without you there is no bread in my mouth, no shoes on my feet, no cloth to give warmth... to an extent, no life to live for.

Torn between the shortcuts of the #ChaChe boys to climbing up the ladder slowly and steadily through modest means like scrubbing floors.

May my eyes be vigilant enough to recognize windows of opportunity rather than waiting for open doors.

That i'd rather be strategic and not fall for the intimidations of aimless showoffs.

That i remain grounded, that i never walk with my shoulders all puffed.

That i finally catchup with you and lock you in a bone crushing embrace.

That at the end of the day... without giving away my soul... i complete this race.



I was born naked,
I have nothing therefore I have got nothing to lose.

The cravings of my heart is unknown to u and I know not yours but what I want and what I need, are the two things most importantly key to my success.

 When I am done gathering all there is to gather, I will let go.
 I will break, I will part ways, I will say my goodbyes.


The stones we throw at our own glass houses, the cracks we install on our fortresses.
The seeds we plant, the trees we fell
The waters we drink from, the rivers we fetch dry
The soil we till, the earth we dig
The gods we revere, our sins yet cornucopia.

Saturday, 3 June 2017


Olodumare Olodumare Olodumare ooo, The only being whose names are more than his worshipers put together, deliver us from the confusion of Onileorita, the entity who is no man's friend, yet no being's enemy.

Lakaaye Osinmole, the god whose yard is lined with barrels of water yet showers with blood, I beseech you, shower not with our blood and protect us from the evil of the road, strenghten our hoes and cutlasses so that our heaps of yam may hold.



My heart shattered into pieces. I knew deep down in my heart that my mom is the wrongest person to seek comfort from when I needed it. She worsened my mood and life with those harsh words she uttered. She fucking disowned me! On the day my boyfriend decided to disappoint me. Tears blurred my vision and I felt incredibly pained. Upon all the plans I and sope has made.

Thursday, 1 June 2017



The gown fit me perfectly. It skimmed over my curves and I felt incredibly beautiful. "Thank you for agreeing to be my bridesmaid.." Mariah trailed off. I rushed to her side and hugged her from the back. "It's nothing Mariah.. you look so beautiful.." I felt a pang of jealousy bite me. She's perfect and looks younger than her years.

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Turbulent Thoughts

I hate the world.. zero action, just a bunch of people who mumble meaningless words.
Some feel they are above others, matters of skin, class, crowns and lords.

I detest the system, what it stands for and how it works.
It tries to box me under a caption, when I've got a mind that cuts through all... trust me this ain't divergent the movie.

Friday, 26 May 2017

My good friend 3

In the absence of knowing what to do, I broke the silence by telling her it was my first time and I was not sure what I was doing.


Part 3


"Courte, thank you for your time. Gentlemen, I think we are done here." I said tiredly, but I didn't let it show. That is a sign of weakness that will never be visible in this room of sharks. At any sign of weakness, this men will pounce!

My Song

I Wrote a song 'bout you.

'Bout how my heart beats to your voice's tune.

You blow me away daily like your lips where on a flute.

Up, up and away I flew.

Heads in the cloud... I'd spot you from a mile away amidst the crowd.

My song for you... in my head it's loud.

I want to part my lips and let sweet sounds escape.

Dazzle you like I've got a big 'S' on my chest with a red cape.

Be my Lois lane.

Be the one i wake with kisses, the one I profess my love to without misplacing words.

The chorus of my song... accompanied by guitar chords.

But then my voice betrays me and it hurts.

It ain't sonorous enough to put you in a serenade and this cuts.

Cuts so deep that i begin to bleed the words of my song.

I want you to want me... don't let it take too long.

My gemstone... my jewel... put you on like a pendant so you can be in continuous contact with my chest.

So close that you can listen to my heart beat.

The verses of my song are my pulsating heartbeats and it races at the bridge.

It races when you chuckle... Even faster with every giggle.

Its crescendo is when you lips meet mine.

This hasn't happened yet, so There's a song in my heart till it does.

My Good Friend

Part 2

We met again after an Anatomy class, I had given up on ever talking to her, I was peeved at her attitude the first time we met.

Thursday, 25 May 2017



My daddy quickly pulled a robe around himself and stood tall. He looked like a god, about to pay retribution to lesser servants.


Folarin Adeyemo

I am at the Muritala Mohammed airport waiting for my good friend, I am so excited that he is arriving today. It's almost ten years since I last saw him, yet we communicate almost everyday, he is a bosom and a true friend, he is a quintessential gentleman- my friend and I go way back to secondary school.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017



My head spun in a wide circle. What the fuck is happening? After this long years of marriage, and still Titiloye can't still accept spankings? No matter how light? She still can't find it in her heart to accept the full me?

Monday, 22 May 2017

The regional slut 6

My pussy quivered as juices dribbled from it... "Touch me.." I moaned. My cunt quivered as juices dribbled from my passage, slicking the way. I could sense Jo fighting an internal struggle, but within seconds had me on my back. “I can’t seem to help myself,” he admitted, shocked at his own actions as he fumbled with his belt and pants... "For fucks sake, you're the mother of my best Friend!" he groaned.

The Regional slut 5

I was dazed with shame. It overushed my senses with a dash of lust. I picked up my nightie and rushed out of the room. My son?! I was confused and dazed. What is the meaning of all this? How would I face him again? What if emeka knew? When did I venture into incest?!

I pulled it on and quickly entered a spare bathroom to wash off the stink of pussy and sex clogging my pores. I scrubbed and scrubbed, but I still felt immensely dirty. Gosh, I thought i had no remorse or shame left in me anymore.