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Friday, 23 June 2017

Unwanted Attraction 1 (Teaser)

His woman came over, so I ended up getting relegated.. Well.. The thought crossed my mind; why not? You knew he was taken before you ventured deep into the sea.

I had to take up refuge with the other. The sweet other. He was always in the background, ready to make me happy.

To be honest, he was innocent. I trailed my hands up his neck and flicked his ears.. He shuddered. I knew what i was doing; though subconsciously..

His body was a bit angled off the bed, so I snuggled closer and wrapped my tiny self around him.. He shuddered again..

I was sorely attracted to him. Beautiful eyes, perfectly chiseled nose, sexy lips.. He looked so tall and sexy the first time i saw him and i couldn't believe my eyes.. He's perfection for me..

His hands tentatively wrapped around my shoulder and pulled me closer... I could feel his heart beat thud in my ears pressed against his chest..

"I'm fucking getting an erection.." He uttered deeply.. I felt shivers all over my spine. He totally wiped off memories of HIM. I forgot HIM existed.

That night, or should i say early morning; I wished it would never end. He couldn't bear my teasing, my touches and suddenly rolled me over..

He pulled my shirt and suddenly twisted my nipples in a wicked grip. My body was bathed in shock. I never expected it.

I felt the pain slam into my senses.. Chased by a hot trail of delicious arousal.. I fucking moaned.. "Aaarrrrghhh"... I moaned..

" you caused it.. You are fucking hot and you know it.." His teeth latched onto my neck and he ate it up.. I felt the craziest rush of lust fill me..

My pussy fucking blew apart. And i was still in my sleep shorts. His hands roved my tiny breasts and he groaned.. "Fuck it, I know I'm not supposed to do this, but i can't fucking resist!" He groaned gutturally..

His mouth latched onto a big nipple and I gave the wickedest smile of all.. He fucking fell...

2 coming tomorrow.

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