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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Tempt Me

I sat down at the booth, trying to shove rice down my throat..Im not feeling the food though; i regretted coming out tonight. I should have just buried myself in my house with a tub of ice cream.. The food tasted like sawdust, but i chewed on.. I thought that my best food;rice and chicken will cheer me up.. Boy was I wrong!

My fiancé broke up with me yesterday, after 5 years of investing my life and time fully to him. I can't believe i just got jilted in a very sudden manner. I never expected it all. Yesterday was our 5 years anniversary; and we had made plans to go out for dinner. I wanted to surprise him and I had made his best food; pounded yam and egusi soup. I made my dining table look beautiful and romantic by putting candles and rose and shits.. I wore just lingerie; matching blood red brassiere which showed off my small breasts by giving it extra cleavage and a tiny thong. I hated wearing garters, but because he loves it, i wore it.

At exactly 7pm, he rang the bell.. I felt anticipation flutter deep in my belly and my pussy spasmed. We are going nowhere.. He's going to give me the fucking of my life tonight. I checked my flawlessly made up face in the mirror and sprayed perfume on. I went to the door and opened it. He came in, and his eyes lighted up at my dressing.

"Come, baby, we are going nowhere. I cooked your favourite, lets go and eat" i said. " wow, you look divine Funke, You look so sexy, i want to eat you up" I smiled shyly and started serving. While we ate, he could not maintain the trail of conversation. His eyes kept on wandering to my body and I felt soo sexy. I was happy I decided to plan this. After eating, we talked for a bit and allowed the food digest.. He couldn't bear it anymore and he just pulled down his zipper.

I stared at him in shock. Just like that? "Go down on your knees and suck me you whore" When I hesitated, he pulled me onto my knees and grabbed a hold of my head. I could not complain as a shiver of pleasure curled up my spine.. "Lick me, baby" he moaned. I started licking him and gave the head a beautiful attention. I swallowed his dick and deep throated him deep. All the while he was mauling my breasts like a mad man. I felt wetness gather at my entrance. Tolu has always been a gentle man; even sexually. So, this form of treatment is new and i felt anticipation build in me.

He suddenly grabbed me and sank his dick deep into me. The thong was not a barrier at all as he just shifted it aside. I was not very wet yet, so, he felt so full.. I screamed in pleasure.. "Bounce on my cock, bitch" he moaned. I felt my self get wetter as his words went deep into me.."you fucking cunt, you love being a bitch" he moaned.. I spread my legs wider and fucked him harder, all the while screaming. He pulled down my brassiere and squeezed my breasts.. His mouth was biting my neck and his other fingers were stringing up my clit.. I felt my climax build and I blew apart.. Suffice to say, it was the most hottest sex I ever had.

We dozed off, and when I woke up this morning, i met a note on my coffee table read thus:

I'm sorry, funke
I came over to call it quits with you,
But i couldn't resist fucking you for the last time,
You looked so sexy.
It's not you, its me and I've found my soulmate.
I hope you find yours too and live a happy life.
Love, Tolu.

That letter destroyed me. How can my life come apart in just a night? After the most memorable sex of my life? What made it worse is that my best friend Gemma is not in lagos. And i can't cry on my mom's shoulders. She'd warned me about Tolu before but i never listened and always took his side. Gemma was the one who suggested that I come out to eat my bestfood. But it's like I can't even achieve this little task.

I dabbed tears from my eyes and stood up hastily to leave. Then i bumped into a wall. Literally. A hard, warm and male wall. I held on for my dear life.


I am ravenously hungry; both for food and for pussy..It's been some weeks i got laid due to my workload... I rushed into the restaurant after a long day at work. My workload was awful today. I fired personal assistant #12 after she tried kissing me in my office. She had zero typing skills, zero organisational skills, zero obeying skills, zero moral skills and i wondered what the world has become. And she called herself a graduate. I hissed in my mind as I recalled telling paul to interview somebody else for the job. I'm not a patient person and i have zero tolerance for nonsense but it seems all these PA's paul is employing are nonsense. I briefly considered firing paul and I chuckled.. He will fire me himself.

My phone rang and as I tried taking it from my pocket, i was momentarily distracted and hit into something soft and plush. My first instinct is to grab her, and i did.. On her ass.
She held on for her dear life and i laughed as i gently detached her from my body.. I looked down and she meekly peered up at me.. She smiled in an endearing manner and i looked into the most gorgeously innocent face id ever seen. She looked so guileless and sexy.. I felt my body surge with lust.. I must have her.

 All thoughts of eating anything except her flew from my mind. "Im so sorry, she whispered.. She turned to leave, but I grabbed her hastily and made my move. I know a distraught woman when i see one. "It's ok, its my fault.. Let me buy you a drink to make it up.." She hesitated, but I pressed on.. "Come, please just give me a chance.." And I smiled. Her defences crumbled.. I've been told my smile destroys hearts..


I looked into the eyes of the gorgeous stranger.. And felt my heart melt. All thoughts of tolu the bastard left my mind.. This man is absolutely perfect. Every feature in symmetry with a very dark glowing skin. He guided me gently to a table and ordered a drink for me.. He apologized profusely for his mistake and i just waved the concern off. I sipped my drink and answered his questions monotonously.. I think i know just what to do! Using him will be perfect for me.. He's sure to take care of me in the right way.. I smiled with renewed vigor and swerved all his inquiries from the personal level.. We don't need to know anything personal about each other.. I'm perfectly fine without any personal baggage added to my luggage..
I made doe eyes and him and smiled at everything he said..


This woman is damn private.. Trying to get to know her is like extracting tooth.. Well, it's not like im curious anyway.. I just need to taste her luscious looking lips.. Her lips are so distracting.. The upper lip has a cupid bow that's killing me.. Cupid bows is my weakness.. Once i see it, i must taste the woman's lips.. I wonder if she's going to be the perfect ending to my fucked up day.. Jesus, i don't even want to remember how tomorrow is going to be like without a personal assistant.. Well, this woman is sure to make all my sorrows disappear. When tomorrow comes, i will face it squarely, but now.. I need to find a way to bury my dick in her hot pants.. Sorrow killer niyen..


His order came in and he ate with grace, i absently wondered how he makes eating and talking look so sexy.. Well, i can't wait to fuck this man.. He looks like the perfect solution and revenge to Tolu.. I don't need to start any relationship with him anyway, just a one night stand something.."umm.. I decided to be forward, after all, i won't see him again.."Should we use the Castle Hotel at the end of this street? I hear they have complimentary wines.. and not to worry, I'd split the bills with you.." He choked on the wine he was drinking and sputtered at me in shock.." Uhn?!

I smiled confidently and said.." The attraction sparking between us can burn a house down.." I lowered my voice to a sexy purr " how about we stop all this and get down to the real stuff.. I want you in me tonight.. I'd be your darkest fantasy.. Anything you want and need. I'd do it for you..

His Irises darkened to pure black and gazed at me with absolute need. "Lets go.." He dropped some bills on the table without even counting it and grabbed me fiercely.. He directed me to his car, a Lexus and drove down the street to the hotel.. He didn't even say a word to me... Just drove with fierce concentration..

We entered the hotel and he just asked to the most expensive suite straight up.. We were given the keycard and directed to the elevators.. When we entered, he crowded my personal space and lowered his head.. I closed my eyes in anticipation and puckered my lips, expecting a hard kiss..

 But he just licked my lips softly and bit my neck.. I opened my eyes and shivered.. "I hope they have a full box of condoms waiting for us.." he said.. I smiled and looped my hands around his neck.. I hope they do too.. He sighed and kissed me so surely and firmly.. I sank into the kiss and forgot about everything disturbing me.. The bells dinged and we got off directly into a penthouse suite.. I'd never seen anything so magnificent.. I wondered how he was able to afford this.. He didn't even give me any chance to think or look around.. He got straight to business..

I couldn't resist kissing her again.. I'm a sucker for her lips.. I gently undressed her.. I can sense a hidden vulnerability beneath her brash demeanour.. I gently handled her; this is exactly what she needs.. Roughness can come later..

My fingers moved.  Upward.  Trailing lightly over her skin, then stroked her hair back over her shoulder.  She drew in a slow breath as I glided downward again, over the soft exposed skin of her breast, right to the lace of her bra.  My fingertip grazed lightly under the edges, but not breaching the barrier of the satin cup.. She took in a harsh breath and gazed at me with intense need.. She wanted it hard and fast.. She wanted me to pound her into oblivion...

I flicked off her bra and gazed at her breasts.. Succulent mounds just waiting for me to feast.. They were just a handful; perfect for my hands.. I kissed one..while gently rubbing the other with my hands.. I gently squeezed her nipples and she wanted to die of frustration.. I sucked a nipple into my mouth and bit it.. She moaned deeply and tried to force my head deeper.. She was tired of my teasing and wanted real action.. Alright.

I felt like killing him.. He's just toying with me.. I'm so wet and yearning and all he's doing is licking/touching me gently.. Do i look fragile?!.. He cut of the thoughts running through my mind when he ripped off my panties shockingly.. It was at odds with the gentle way he still licking my nipples.. I don't know how he's doing it.. He roughly shoved a finger into me while still biting my nipples softly.. The mix of emotions is making go crazy...

1 week later

I left my house with a nervous mind.. I've got a major interview today and I'm hoping against all odds I'd get the job.. I took a cab and got down in front of the office building.. I took a deep breath in shock.. Wow, this a massive building.. I wonder how many people work here..

 I entered and was shocked by the bustling going on.. People walked around briskly in suits and were looking so serious.. I glanced around went straight to the receptionist.. She greeted me with a smile and I asked of Mr Paul.. She gave me directions to his office and i knocked.. "Come in," a voice from within said.. I walked briskly in and greeted the Man.. He's a very handsome Man with an openly flirty attitude.. He asked me to sit, but i was uncomfortable at first.. He smiled and made me feel at ease.. The interview ended and I was told I got the job. I am shocked..

This is suspicious.. How come I got the job immediately? In a company as large as this?! Didn't i have other competition?! He described my job capacity and there didn't seem to be anything i can't do.. He told me he hoped i was ready to work because, the person I'd be working for has zero tolerance for laziness.. And infact, fires people on the spot. He told me not to be shocked about the fact that i was given the job..

Without any further ado, he told me to meet the receptionist outside for the directions to my new office.. How is this possible, i thought.. Who gives a job immediately after an interview? Although i have a Master's in Administration, but still?


I'm in a super awful mood this morning. P.A 13 just spent four days before i fired him. He's too slow and incompetent! What nonsense?! I need results and i didn't build my massive fortune on laziness! All this people are not ready to work! And they want huge salaries.. I raked my hands through my hair in frustration.. And it didn't help that Funke left me.

What a big slap to my ego.. I can't believe that after the most erotic night of our lives that we had, she snuck out on me! I woke up the next day, and she was gone like poof! There was hardly any proof she'd even been there.. Aside the faint smell of her Cologne on the pillows..
Infact, she even laid the bedsheet on her side of the bed! It was like she never existed. I couldn't her out of my mind, and I swear, the next time i see her, if I ever see her again, I'd snap off her neck.. I sighed in anger..

I dump women when I'm done with them, not the other way around..
I told paul to employ the next person with the right CV on the spot.. Even if I have to fire 20 people per day, I have to find the Ideal PA for me.. The one who can handle the workload effectively.


I rode the elevator straight to the Last floor.. Being in an elevator brought back the memories i have been trying unsuccessfully to repress.. The memories of his hands and the mind blowing pleasure of that night., His wicked smile and taunting lips.. The delectable feel of his mouth on me and his dick deep in my core.. He made Tolu seem like an amateur.. If i thought earlier that i had the best sex of my life with tolu, i was lying..i didn't know anything before..

The bell dinged and i got off..
Wow.. I looked around in a circle.. This place is spacious.. I stepped into the threshold and looked around.. White decor everywhere.. Plush white rug covered the floor.. The walls painted blinding white.. Only the potted plants added color to it.. Even the pots holding the plants are white.. Abstract artworks graced the walls and the place had a generally cold feel to it... I shivered..

 There were Just two glass doors side by side..One is see through glass leading to my office and the 2nd is blurred and it's to the CEO's office, I'd been told.. I walked into the first and opened the door.. I was amazed at the size of the office and dropped my bag on the mahogany table.. It was furnished in soft yellow hues and looked more welcoming than the sterile white of the corridor.. I fell in love with this office immediately..

I took a minute to compose myself and get my wits around me.. I'm subtly staggered at the subtle display of wealth all around me.. I need to go and present myself to the CEO.. I took a deep breath and left my office.. I hope he doesn't fire me.. With his legendary anger.. I knocked on the door and I heard a curt "enter"..

I walked in and felt my eyes popped open.. His office is larger than my whole apartment.. Big and beautiful.. The walls painted dark brown and a light brown plush carpet..
A huge table filled with papers stood majestically in the far edge of the room, with an executive chair behind it.. Dark colored sofa's dotted it and the office looks more like a luxurious living room, than a working space.. Shelves filled with books lined every wall.. There is a large table table with a big sized system with every office gadget I've ever dreamed of..

From top to bottom.. The windows where large and gave a stunning view of the Ocean.. I looked in awe..
"I wonder how long it would take you to come in here! The elevator dinged 10 minutes ago and you just deem it fit to come in now, right?!"  Said voice of my dreams, albeit muffled...

 I stared in shock.. He stood in front of an adjoining door inside his office with a towel wrapped around his waist.. And he is using a smaller one to rub of water from his face.. The towel muffled his voice and hid his face, but i can never be mistaken! "Speak for your..." he trailed off..

He'd dropped the towel and he looked at me in shock.. "You?!" he thundered.

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Sorry, Not Sorry

Forgive me my queen, it ain't even like that.
I probably made you fall for me, cheese traps for rats and mice.

When i myself ain't got a heart, the undertaker... My Face masked by the big black hat.
I bet you thought the odds of falling for a nigga like me was slim, like getting two sixes at the throw of a dice.

I bet u never thought you'd experience so much hurt and pleasure from someone you got the hots for.
But the fact is... i did 4 times the usual to make you my number one, but u always slide to 4th exactly like arsenal do.

I tried to reverse-engineer a heart incapable of falling in love just for you.
Maybe the standards i set were too lofty.
Maybe yours were too acidic for my taste.

Excluding the fact that you act up for no reason... replicating the scenes of a wacked up nollywood movie.
I myself ain't no saint, so you could call me sinner.
Probably i sinned by leading you on.

Probably i sinned by not reciprocating your emotions.
It's all in the past now, the clock can't count back from 21;00 to 20;56.
Hence am sorry for the filthy sixes you caught me hanging with.
Am sorry for keeping a straight face, i guess it's coz i felt no guilt.
You were so sleek, i guess it's a shame that i never actually fell for you.
Only Time would tell if i made a mistake.

Only time would tell if i'll ever understand why you feel so blue.
But Atleast who knew?, that a nigga would get within touching distance of trying.
Who knew?, that amidst the new school of heart breaks and vibing, that the professor would get within touching distance of retiring.

Who knew? that it coulda been you, that he be hiring.
Till you come along in a Deja vu when am ready for love, i gat myself split into hocruxes... i bet i put a smile on lord voldemort's face.

I Miss You (featured poem of the week)


I still remember everything vividly...
How it all happened suddenly......
How she beamed with smiles joyfully....
How we got so close carelessly....
How she made me fall endlessly......
How she got through my barricades easily.....
I sure can still remember,  wholesomely...

She got through my defense,  there was nothing I could do....
She touched my heart,  the dead organ had to reactivate...
She was granted amnesty,  she wasn't someone I could sue...
She hugged me the first time,  my body couldn't help but jubilate...
She touched my lips with hers,  and my dead lips had to rejuvenate....
She really loved me a lot and I loved her too...

I really miss her,  I must say....
Her succulent lips,  I miss them everyday....
Her lovely breasts,  to feel them again,  I would pay....
Her perfect ass on her petite body frame,  will I ever feel them again?  NAY!!
her lovely moans,  so rhythmic....
Her special delicacies,  the taste so orgasmic...
Her care,  understanding,  her hands and lovely eyes,  her gracious steps,  I swear,  I miss everything....

She already settled in my heart as someone I could not replace...
Her stand was so firm and strong,  no one could displace....
They biology came around and proved that in my heart,  she shouldn't have a place....
It really got to me,  it left me in a daze...
But she will always remain in my heart for all my remaining days....

I miss u so much dear...


Gone to the wind (letter Series)

Dear You,

If i attempt to say 'Hello or hi or how are you doing, it would be unlike me...but still, my love, hope you are missing me the way i miss you right now?

The thing is, I don't even know what to write.. Im listening to 'Nothing but trouble'
...but still im trying to get inspired #smile..

 *clears throat*

I hate the letter you wrote to me and any moment when I'm alone, i pick it up and read it over and over again..the edges of the paper is crinkled and beginning to tear..

Right now, i feel more alone than ever in my life because we are apart and i feel like a part of me is incomplete.. i see you in my dreams more often than not and every time, i keep yearning for you over and over..

The distance has become a physical force field barring us apart..

This is just too much.. i mean, you've been gone up for some time and i feel a chasm growing in me daily and the thing is, how am i going to cope in the coming days without you? I'm overwhelmed...

I listen to your Music and feel you drifting far away..
Lyrics crumbling my weak defenses..
I know that regardless of my emptiness and loneliness, you are strong enough to keep me together and it will bind the shards of my soul...its strong enough to be my coping mechanism...

I hope my memories are strong enough to hold you together and bear the emptiness of missing me... I see you right in my face, but i can't touch..
The truth is, definitely, this puzzle is real and will definitely be complete whether we are together or not...

Set fire to my heart and the embers from our ashes burns through my psyche everyday...just your smile alone fuel explosions in my depths that would ooze to my outsides when your fingers touch me...

..You lay in my heart whispering sweet words to me...
But his voice is like the beautiful notes floating off music sheets -sweet to my soul when played by you but curling around me like mist when the tones end..those are the words that keep me going through this empty times without you.. I hear his words and wish they were said in your voice..

The sounds cocoon me and provide the companionship i so desire...i drink them in like the food of the gods- ambrosia and thirst for more...

Your fingers drip with the blood giving life to connection; but the blood is clotting and i feel nothing from you anymore..

and your touch is the alphabet with which our being is written, but the sentences formed are chilling..

Your kisses give me life and i wish for it always with every breath i take so i may have many more of it and cuddle eternally in your heart; but the memories of them now saddens me..

That signature smirk of yours soak me in shades of reverberating loving delights that no one else feels and now its twisted into to a sadistic grin..

The supposed art in me; but it tore us apart..

Happy you are my strongest inspiration; to write sad words.

You were my this and that, I was your here and there, we were each other's somewhere and everywhere...

It was genuine and pure, flaming, wild, scorching, deep and exquisite..

I'm letting you go, because right now..

.. Everything,
Gone to the wind.


Thursday, 26 January 2017


Tristan is all mine.. He does everything for me..He fell totally in love with me.. I love him so much.. I can't believe that we'd get back to this point in our lives.. He really tried for me.. And he's forgiven me. I totally regretted all my actions and thanked the lord for him everyday..

He wiped the memories of Joshua from my heart and made new and beautiful ones with me.. I introduced him to tianah and all seemed well in my life.. Tianah totally endorsed him and i feel so complete.. Surrounded by the love of the two people closest to my heart.

I came back from work, very tired and battered.. I tried inserting my key, but i realised the door was open.. I entered the house and i felt dread crawl up my spine.. I hope my world is not about to shatter, i thought..

I entered my bedroom and my bag fell from my hands in shock. Tianah and Tristan were locked in a passionate embrace and i couldn't bear the heartbreak... I fainted.. My last thought was that "how could this happen to me?..."


I called tianah over to Lily's house.. I told her it was an emergency and that she should rush over.. I planned it perfectly. In 20minutes time max, lily will be home. The bell rang and i opened it.. Tianah is a very pretty fair girl.. Beautiful eyes, pouty lips.. I felt my dick harden in anticipation.. I'm going to enjoy fucking this girl.. "Hello tri.. What's up?.. I left the door unlocked intentionality..

I held her shoulders and led her to the sofa.. "I need to tell you something very important.." While she was looking at me intently.. I grabbed her hands suddenly and tied it with a soft cloth.. She looked at me in shock.. I stood up and said.."I'm going to fuck you..and i can't take the risk that you're a good friend to lily and reject me.. So, I've tied your hands for easy access"..

She started to scream and i kissed her.. Deep and slow.. She resisted for some few moments and i pulled off her skirt.. I carried her to the bedroom and dropped her on the bed.. She began to scream in anger and i laughed.. I squatted on the bed and hooked her legs around my neck..

I bit her calf gently and licked up her thighs.. Her screams started going low pitched.. And i smiled.. I pulled of her panties and buried my head between her legs.. She's clean shaven and her pussy lips were dark and full.. Just like her lips..they looked like the petals of an exotic flower.. I couldn't resist, and dug in.. She began to moan loud and begged me to release her hands.. I did and she grabbed on to my shoulders and urged me on.. I flicked her clit and she screamed.. Her juices ran into my mouth and i swallowed them deliciously..

I gave her a final lick and moved up her body.. I kissed her and she moaned her her taste.. My fingers went to her cunt and i heard the door open.. I looked back and saw lily look at us in shock.. She fell to the ground in a heavy thud and i acted fast.. I pulled out my cock and sank into tianah.. She tried to escape; so she'd go help lily, but i pushed into her.."pleeasse.. Let's help her.." She moaned.

"Im not done with you yet.." I said as i withdrew and then thrust deep into her.. She held on tight for the ride. Afterall, she can't even escape..
I gave the the fuck of her life.. Lily can die for all I care.

This will totally break her. I made her fall for me and then destroyed her all over again. Perfect.

My father came back from the US and I'd put everything in place to destroy him. I sat him and sharon down for a family meeting.. I then proceeded to play the video tapes for them.. My father looked at me dumbfounded, in shock and anger.. He couldn't believe it. High definition camera's were used and it was very clear to whomever watching that this ain't the job of photoshop. It's real. Her face showed clearly; while I angled the camera in such a way that only the back of I and my friend showed..

The videos detailed her enjoying every single dirty aspect and even begging for more. This is Hollywood material.. I felt so damn proud of me.

While sharon started crying and begging. I enjoyed their display and i can see that I've caused destabilising pain for joshua.. He screamed and ranted about the betrayal and I kept on smiling. I reminded him of what he did to me, years ago and it was like the wind blew out of his sails.. He looked at me with pain filled eyes and shame..

"Calm down Joshua"! He looked up in shock and my use of his first name."Now that I have your attention, listen to me and listen good. This documents here".. I brought out some sheaf of papers,"will be thumb printed by you". He started protesting, but i made a shushing sound. "I'm taking over everything. Your money, your estates and everything you've ever worked for. I'm not going to wait till you die. You are not even 50years old yet."

His mouth fell open in shock.. I continued " you are going to suffer, with that bitch you call a wife. There's nothing useful about her. I've destroyed every hole".. He gaped at me.." If you don't do as i ask, in 24hours, every tv station and the internet will play her sex tapes on repeat. Her reputation will be destroyed and she'd lose her job. Both of you will never be able to show your face in public again.." I pointed at him "And your ego and public status will not allow you to be known as the Cuckolded husband whose wife is a dirty whore. So, what's your decision?"

He looked at me with fear and defeat in his eyes " how am I sure you won't still release the videos after i do this?"

I grinned madtly.. "You'd just have to trust me on that.

He thumb printed on the papers and i took off with everything. I started a new life as a multimillionaire elsewhere.

The first thing I did was to sell the company to his major rivals for a huge amount of money and used it to start up my own businesses/ investments... I was never interested in it anyway..

I heard later that he and Sharon divorced.. She sued him for the last pennies i didn't blackmail from him.


I won.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017


I went through college like a bastard.. Not one thought to sparing a woman's feelings.. I fuck em and leave em.. My soul is frozen solid. Theres nothing any girl can do to make me fall in love with her. I went into body building and gymnastics.. I have a beautifully defined body and i grew very tall. I never once came home in my four years in college.. I barely communicate with my father.. All these years, all he does is to send money to me. I'm perfectly fine with this..

I rented an apartment in portharcout and started working.. I live a very comfortable life and im good. Yesterday night, my father called me and told me he's getting married to a celebrity and he'd like me to attend the wedding party and infact, come live with them and pretend to be happy since they are going to be under the public scrutiny for some few months after their marriage.

I almost rejected him, but i remembered that its a perfect opportunity to carry out my revenge plan on him and lily. I about asked her from him and he told me he dumped her. I vowed to go back to lagos and act like an angel to gain their trust.. even if I feel like killing them..

The plane landed at MMA and i grabbed my luggage.. My dad already sent a rental for me and I entered the car.. He dropped me in front of the house and I felt memories crash into me. I got filled with hate and renewed determination to destroy lily and Joshua's life.. They will be hit with the Tri Cyclone. They don't know..

I rang the bell and a vaguely familiar face opened the door for me... She's so beautiful and sexy.. She has this mad ass curves and big breasts.. Her face clicked and i placed her as a very popular tv personality.. I wondered how my father snagged such a hot piece.. She gushed all over me and hugged me..rubbing all her sexy body on me.. An idea slithered into my mind and i held her tightly to me for a second more than necessary.. I felt the attraction arch between us..

"Tristan!!, you are here already"... My father said with false love tinging his voice.. I looked at him and bared my teeth in a smile.. I pulled away from his wife to be and gave him a hug.. He stared at me in shock and with awe tinging his voice, he said "wow, how did you grow so muscular and tall Tristan?" I smiled. He looked puny in comparison to me..
He gazed at me with pride filling his expression.."my boy is now a man.." I smiled and dragged my bag into the room. I'd be your biggest nightmare, i thought.

Over the next few days, i studied the both of them and realized that my father is very much in love with Sharon(his fiancee).. He truly loved her.. Good. This will make my sword strike deep into his heart. I bidded my time and waited patiently till they wed. We are in this together. In the meantime, I hooked up with lily. I'd destroy her first.
I was shocked from tristans call. My head is still reeling in shock.. Whats that? I wondered.. He called me up to see me! Why? What's his motive?.. I'm still with the pain and heartbreak Joshua caused me. I can't believe i was totally deceived that way.. He proposed to me in a fluke! He was actually going to marry that Sharon woman.

I felt sadness grip my heart at the years I'd wasted on him and all the good men I'd turned away because of him. I wish i heeded tianahs warning. She told me he's two-timming me, but i never believed her. I thought she was jealous of me. I'm depressed about their wedding coming up in a few days and im so sad.. He totally played me.. I was his whore while he's busy wining and dining sharon.. He never made love to me..he only fucked me like a dog, and i thought its the best. I cried in pain and wondered what tristan wants with me. Does he want to rub it in my face? I briefly considered calling him back to tell him i won't be available, but, i changed my mind..

Believe it or not, i actually realized I've missed him..
We met up in the evening at a popular bar and I was shocked to my marrow.. He's grown soo tall! Like about 6feet2in.. He's filled out totally. Leanly built but not too bulky.. Glittering beautiful eyes framed with long lashes.. His nose a slash on his face and his lips full with a cruel smirk. Jesus. He looks like a GQ model.. He's every woman's wet dream.. He wore a Polo that showed off the defined musculature of his chest.. And a black jeans hugging his thick strong looking thighs with a blue converse. He looks good enough to eat. If i thought his father was sexy before, tristan puts him to shame.. I can't believe this is him! He doesn't even look like the tri from my childhood memories..

He engulfed me in a big hug and i felt myself melt into me.. Nobody has ever hugged me this way before.. He pulled and away and led me to a table.. We sat down and i continued to look at him in stupor.. He is making me salivate.. Fuck! We talked about everything and anything.. We avoided the topic of my dumping him for his dad.. He told me all about his escapades in school and made me laugh a lot.. It felt like a real date.. Nobody has ever done this to me.. I began to regret my actions to him. He looked so handsome and relaxed.. I couldn't bear it anymore and started talking about it.. I asked him forgive me.. He laughed and told me he's forgotten about it all.. He asked me why I broke up with his father and i explained everything to him.. He looked at me in pity and told me he'd always be there for me..

I looked down at his hands wrapped around the bottle of drink and noticed his long fingers.. Manly with beautiful nails.. My pussy clenched at the thought of him sinking em in me..

Fucking bitch! I had to hold myself back from breaking the bottle in my hand on her head.. So, my father dumped her for a more beautiful, older, and matured woman right?! And she expects me to be understanding?! It serves her right.. She a taste of her own medicine..

She'd see.. Idiotic woman, i thought.. Im going to destroy her defences tonight.. Her pain from my father's behaviour made her vulnerable. Im going to be her knight in shining armour.. Betraying whore! If she knew how much I detest her, she'd have fled from here.


He drove me to my house and we entered.. We sat on the couch and we started talking.. He rubbed circles on my hands as he talked and i began to fall.. We looked into each others eyes and he kissed me.. I kissed him back passionately and he bit my ear lobes.. I ran my hands through his thick hair and moaned deep.. He spread kisses down to my collarbone and grabbed my breasts with ease.. His father always fucked me crudely! Tristan is making me fall for him deeply.. He gently unclothed me and kissed from my feet to my navel.

He swirled his tongue around my pussy and licked me hard.. I shuddered in intense arousal and begged him to fuck me.. "Pleassse,, tristan.. Pleeeaaasseee... I moaned deep.. He made sweet love to me that night..

Over the next few weeks, he treated me with love and gave me all his attention.. We were always talking and texting... He would fuck me..and also make love to me.. I began to heal slowly from Joshua's betrayal and Tristan was the perfect Man.. I introduced him to tianah as my boyfriend and he said Fiancé.. I was delirious with joy..


I stepped into the house after a romantic date with lily.. Stupid woman is falling in love with me already.. My plan is going smoothly.. Over here, the wedding went perfectly too and I began the sweet job of seducing my father's wife.. She's a hot number that likes to flaunt all her body in skimpy clothes all around the house.. I guess she has a crush on me.. Over the next few weeks, I'd do little things like touch her butt and breasts mistakenly.. Barge into their bedroom; pretending to look for my father and so on..

My father acted like him and lily never happened.. He's basically handed over all his companies to me and acts like a proud father up and down.. I'd been the perfect angel and he didn't even suspect anything..

I just shake my head and bide my time for him.. His absolute love for sharon cannot be argued with anyway.. I wanted to get my own apartment, but he refused, saying that the house has been to empty for long..

The perfect opportunity presented itself when he had to travel to the US for an important meeting. Sharon couldn't go with him because of her job..

That night, i didn't waste any time.. I went into the kitchen and saw sharon trying to take something from the freezer.. I came up behind her and closed the freezers door.. I gently pressed her against it and she moaned.. Bitch being waiting for this.. I squeezed her ass through the gown she wore and gently spanked it.. She arched into touch and said" what are you doing..." I bent my head and bit the back of her neck, then licked the spot.. I ran my hands up the gown and pushed her flimsy thong aside.. I dipped a finger into her pussy and she clenched around me.." You whore.. Ride my fingers.." She began to move on my finger.. I sank the 2nd and 3rd digit into her and she almost ran mad.. I pulled the gown over her head and used my other other hand to pull off my jeans... I alligned my dick head against her cunt and entered her in one long stroke.. She began to pant and i held her breast for the ride.. I fucked her against the freezer..

Over the next few days, i conditioned her to my cock, and she was a willing student.. She'd do anything for me to fuck her.. I fucked her in every nook and cranny of the house.. We sleep on my father's bed every night and I'd fuck her on it every morning.. She became my sex slave.. I made sure to destroy the memory of any cock she'd had before; including my dad's. He was gone for a week and before he came back, I'd destroyed his wife's pussy.. While recording every aspect of it.. I made her do degrading things.. Fucked her with sex toys, fruits, bottles and what not.. I videotaped it all.. I even invited an old friend over for a threesome... She loved us double teaming her asshole and pussy..

 I derive intense joy from destroying something my father loves so much.. This will devastate him.

I have several sex tapes of his wife being treated like a whore; in the most degrading way ever, and she begging for more..They'd come in handy in due time.

Lily took up my day, while sharon took up my night.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017


One leg in d east.. the other in the west, directly facing your equator, bluntly staring in its face...
It opens up, am bout to exchange kisses wit both of ur labias... hoping to swim in its pool with heavenly rhythmic pace...
Its a no grass zone, a perfect haircut giving it a yummy face.
It calls with poise and grace.

So much sass, increasing my urge to thread the needle.
Your eyes shut in anticipation, only the spirits see what i'n about to do.

Your Toes curl, leading to a proportional increase in warmth and moist.
No flag can fly at half mast with you, my soldiers got mine fully on hoist.

My Tongue does a 360 on your clit, Your moan is up a notch... music to my ears in a rhythm ever so pulsating.
My hands begin an adventure, searching for the spot with a G on it.
"Keep it down baby" i whisper, in a bid to keep u tame.

Your reply ever so invigorating, "Amma let the neighbors know ur name".
I find that G, and i play them softly like strings.
Sensual music, ur back up... giving that marvin gaye feeling.
A few more strokes, my rhythm upped... like am in a poker room card dealing.

"Amma bout to cum" the words escape from your lips and u aren't even aware.
I chuckle deep within me, i say welcome to the land whose existence you seem not to have been made aware.

Like target practice, you hit my face with all of your juice.
A beautiful fountain, there you lay, hyperventilating with sounds like a track produced by juls.
You smile shyly towards me, ur legs still trembling.
I smile to myself, seemingly saying "WehDoneSir"


I watched my father defile lily.. And she was busy enjoying it! I got angry at her and everybody!! I felt murderous rage fill me as i saw her moan.. I could do nothing to stop the situation!! I have no other family member to help me and I'm totally dependent on my father.. I felt my heart break and shatter into tiny pieces and i vowed to get my revenge on them.
I left the room and ran out of the house in anger..

Wow! That's the most intense feeling ever.. I've never imagined that sex would feel this way.. Mr Brown pulled out of me and fell on the bed beside me.. In a satisfied voice, he said " your pussy is the tightest one yet..." I looked at him in delirious happiness.."really? I asked.." Of course.. Now, you are going to be my little fuck toy.. I'd provide everything you want without your parents knowledge and We'd continue this.. Since you are like a bitch in heat"

I felt my cunt clench at his words and anticipation build in me! The crush of my life! Willing to do anything for me.. This is insane.. But then, i remembered Tri.." What about Tristan?"
"He's not a problem.. You're a student at UNILAG and you're going to be here.. He's going to portharcourt.. I see no problem baby.." He said.. His hands started wandering all over my breasts and i moaned.. I totally forgot about Tristan and the fact that I've basically become his father's fuck toy.. I shivered in arousal..

Lily became the epitome of nightmare for me.. She totally changed.. She'd come to our house to fuck my father at any time.. She acted like i didn't exist anymore.. She had access to my father's fleet of cars, his cards and everything in between.. I'm counting down the days till i leave for school.. I became totally oblivious to my father.. He didn't give a bloody fuck about me and even the arguments we used to have, ceased. The only thing he does is to transfer #10,000 to my account every week for my upkeep. We became virtual strangers and didn't even converse any more.

She's pure torture.. I can't believe she's the girl I fell in love with.. She totally destroyed my self esteem. I didn't matter to anyone anymore.. She'd go on outings with my dad and everything was rosy between them.. I came back from a friends place some few days to my resumption and as i trudged up the stairs, i heard something that made me fall into depression.."It's like he doesn't exist anymore..." Lily moaned.. I paused and i could hear faint slapping sounds.."You still in love with that little boy?!" My dad grunted..
"Noo.. You are the only one for me.. I can't believe i fell for that puny fool".. Lily said.. I got filled with intense hate and felt my heart turn to stone.. What a fool I've been.."mmmppphh..aarrrgh,, fuck me harder..." I heard lily scream.. It's like she's been possessed.. I ran to my room and shut the door.

I resumed school and everything fell into perfect place.. Joshua(Mr Brown) became my official man friend. We began dating secretly without my parents knowledge.. He'd come to my hostel and take me out.. I lacked nothing and had virtually any thing i wished for. He spoilt me recklessly and fucked me willfully.. I'm almost done with college and I'd never had sex with any other man.. My best friend Tianah always pestered me to dump Joshua and start a new life with a young man who I'd later marry.. I declined and i started imagining myself as Mrs Brown.. I love joshua and he's not too old.. He and his late wife had Tristan when they were 20years.. He's 45 years and im 22 years old.. The difference is not too much na..

Joshua drove me to a five star restaurant on the Victoria Island and proposed to me.. He gave me the biggest diamond ring I'd ever seen in my life.. Then we went to a beautiful hotel and he proceeded to make sweet love to me..
I rushed with excitement to Tianahs house to tell her the news.. She didn't seem to happy and insisted that joshua is too old for me.. I waved off her concern and began to wonder how I'd break the news to my parents..

In all the years that's passed.. My mind wandered over to Tristan and I wonder how he's doing.. I didn't feel a speck of guilt for what I did.. Afterall, life is not fair.. He should be 25 years old now.. Well, that's his business..

Joshua rented an apartment for me when I resumed 400level and that's usually our rendezvous point.. It's been long i even visited his place because of my parent's living next door.. When i was in 100-300level, we usually go to hotels to fuck.. But now, its much more convenient and easy.. I can't even remember the last time i saw the inside of their house.. It's been so long..
I looked at my huge diamond ring and it sparkled in the light.. I'm going to be his step mom.. That idea is very appealing to me.. Some few days later, an idea began to cook in my head..

I'd love to give Joshua a surprise visit since I'm his fiancee.. I felt my heart jump in excitement.. I'm sure he's going to be very happy.. I still have the spare key Joshua gave me from some few years ago and I began to concoct something.. I shopped for black sexy lingerie online and got it delivered to my apartment.. I bought candles and rose petals too.

On friday night, when I'm very sure he's going to be home from work, I wore a sexy tight short pink gown and black heels.. I took cab to the house and got down.. I saw the light's on in my parents house and quickly entered Joshua's house.. I opened the door and heard soft music playing.. My heart beat fast and i looked around in wonder.. The interior has been totally revamped.. Beautiful soft designs.. I think he did this because of our upcoming marriage..

As i climbed up the stairs, the soft music became louder and i heard sounds that were suspicious.. I moved to his room door and saw that it was ajar; then I peeped in and what I saw stopped my heart.

Joshua was buried balls deep in another woman.. He was fucking her doggie and i couldn't make out her face from where I'm standing.. "Baby, i love you.. Your pussy is soo sweet and deep" where the words he's murmuring to her.. He's never spoken that way to me before.. His words towards me are usually dirty and crude.. "Baby.." She moaned.. Her voice sounded familiar somehow.. They didn't even notice my presence.. He ran his hands up her back tenderly and i felt my heart break..

"Joshua!!!" I screamed.. He looked back at me, his eyes set in fierce concentration as he came.. The woman moaned loud and deep in pleasure..

He pulled out of her with a wet pop sound and stood up confidently.. They didn't even look shocked to see me.. The woman stood up and I saw her face.. She's a very prominent tv presenter.. An online celebrity infact.. I was shocked to my marrow.. She epitomises Sex, glamour and beauty without a speck of bad publicity.. She totally ignored me and said to joshua " When you are done taking out the trash"..she glanced at me pointedly.." Come join me in the bath baby.." She blew him a kiss and flounced into the adjoining bathroom..
I looked on in shock!

Monday, 23 January 2017


I am so much in love with my girlfriend lily. We've been next door neighbours for years and It was until we were in jss3 I could ask her out officially.. We would play together, and our families will go on outings together. We are known as best friends..My mother passed away from breast cancer when I was in Ss2, and she was my only crutch and comfort. She was the only light for me and did everything to satisfy my needs.. She accepted my mood swings without question, and I knew i can always count on her..

My father became a drug/alcohol addict due to her death and it made our little family (just I and him; I am the only child they had) fall apart. We rarely see eye to eye on things but, he usually provides all my material needs. He became very strict and my freedom became severely limited. I guess in a way, he's trying to protect me.

I've got the greatest mix of happiness and sadness in me tonight.. I and lily got admission to prestigious universities.. But different ones.. College is going to separate us. But then, we plan to celebrate tonight..

I wore my gown and zipped it up.. I'm so happy tonight.. Finally! I'm going to get fucked.. I can't believe Tri and I are not leaving home for the same college.. I wondered sadly of what would become of our love.. He got admission to UNIPORT and I am going to UNILAG. We have been dating for 3 years and he's been the most perfect gentleman ever. He refused to have anything sexual with me.. That has been excessively frustrating and the max he does is just to peck my cheeks and hold my hands..

I'm so happy We'd pop each others cherry tonight..
I've read a lot of intense romance novels and movies and I fantasise always about having my first time with someone tall, muscular, sexy and intensely handsome.. Although, cute, Tristan is none of those.. But his father Mr Brown is the epitome of that..

Late in the night, after spending my whole day at school with Tristan, i come back home to fantasise about Mr Brown.. He's the sexiest man ever.. I had a massive secret crush on him without tri knowing about it.. He's a very strict man and doesn't tolerate nonsense, so, I'm very scared of him.. But that didn't stop my obsession for him; it made him more appealing to me..

Well, im going to settle for tri.. I've never even seen his dick before.. I just hope it's long and thick. I'm definitely not going to college as a virgin.
I sprayed little perfume under my hands and rushed down the stairs…."Mom, bye!, im going out with Tri"..

"Ok, dear, be safe, and don't be late".. I giggled at the thought of what she'd do if she knows what im going to do with tristan tonight. She's going to kill me.. I got to the porch and I saw Tristan talking to his father in front of their gate. They were arguing heatedly about something, but I couldn't care less.. I took the time to admire Mr Browns physique.. Tri looked puny in comparison.. Tri saw me first and his eyes lit up with joy.. He came to me and took my hands..

"I want to take my moms Lexus, but he's complaining that it needs some repairs.. I don't want us to take public transport.. I've made reservations and if we don't go now, we might have to forfeit it.."

"Let's just take a Taxi.. I don't want us to incur your father's wrath please, and I don't want anything to spoil tonight for us.." I said with concern and  a mischievous glint in my eyes.. We both chuckled and got a taxi and left..
Our parents just think we are very close friends due to the proximity of our houses..

We got back from the dinner and snuck into Tristan's bedroom..
He dragged me inside the room and started kissing me. I melted in his arms and devoured his lips.. He slammed me against the wall and groped my breasts.. Wow!! I'm so impressed.. Where did he learn all this from?! He barely kissed me before.. I feel soo good.. I relaxed in his arms and melted..

He bit my neck and sent wetness dribbling down my thighs.. Tri was on a hungry mode tonight.. He pulled up my gown and started fingering my cunt through the material of my panties.. This is what ive been waiting for!!

He then shoved them aside and sank 3 fingers in me. I moaned loud and he shushed me- reminding me to keep quiet... His father! If we get caught, we are dead!!
I spread my legs wider to give him better access.. He knelt down and started kissing up my thighs..
I am so horny..

One moment we all was fine, the next moment, i heard a big bang! The door crashed open and there was Mr Brown; Tri's Dad. He glowered at us and stepped into the room. "What are you doing here? At this time of the night?"he asked. My cunt is still throbbing and my wits are scattered. " I, I, im sorry sir" i stammered.
He stepped towards me with glittering eyes.. I felt my pussy flutter at his look. "Is that pussy i smell..?'

I was shocked at his words...! How could he say that?! Tristan jumped away from me with my panties dangling in his hands.. He looked as shocked as I felt.. "Dad, i can explain; we are just planning to read.." He stammered..

"Read her cunt! You mean? Is this the nonsense the both of you do? So, this is the shit you do when im not at home right?!" He moved towards tristan and slapped him. I screamed! "Please sir.. It's not his fault.. I se-seduced him sir.."
"Shut up, you whore! Your parents will hear of how slutty you've become! Is this how you go around fucking all the guys?! You,.. He pointed at tristan.."you bastard! At your age!! Is this the bullshit I've been spending all my money for you to do?!" Tristan hung his head in shame..

Mr Brown grabbed my hands and turned me around.. I was shocked! He pulled me towards him and said "you slut.. You whore!" I tried to leave his grasp, but, he proved to strong for me.. "Im a virgin! Tristan is a virgin! We've never done this before".. I tried to plead.. But it fell on deaf ears.. I'd rather die than let my parents find out.. This is so humiliating..
He suddenly pushed me to the wall and bent me over with my hands on the wall. He knelt down and sucked my cunt.. "You bitch, let a real man fuck you!" he said between licks.. I looked back towards tristan and saw him looking at us in shock..

I screamed with pleasure as he fucked me with his tongue while eating up my clit.. I felt myself building to an orgasm... I can't believe this is happening! Is this a movie?!
Tristan tried to intervene, but Mr Brown said "If you make any move to stop me, forget about your finances as far as im concerned".. With a wicked voice, he continued " this whore deserves a real man to fuck her for the first time".. I looked down and saw his dick tenting his pants.. He loosened his belt and whipped out his dick, while rubbing his fingers on it.."and she's going to get it now.."

He fingered me and rubbed the wetness on his dick, saying " you are going to need it.." He then slammed his dick into me.. I screamed in pain and pleasure.. He started fucking me hard and fast while Tri looked on..
I saw the pain etched all over Tristan's face.. He looked on murderously, but he could do nothing after his Father's threat..

I moaned loud and deep at the fucking I'm getting.. Mr Brown carried me to the bed and threw me on it.. He then proceeded to destroy my cunt..
I continued screaming in pleasure.. While Tristan looked on in pain.. He slammed his dick over and over in me while muttering dirty words in my ears.. I felt myself get wetter and his dick slammed into me.. He rubbed my clit and I felt myself fly over the edge..

Sunday, 22 January 2017


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HOW I FEEL (featured poem of the week)

*How I Feel*

Everyday seems so hard,
Seeing you I feel so bad..
I try to cheer up with a song,
But all i do is just so wrong.

What is it that i can say,
If it can be bought i would pay..
I try to say how i feel,
But its not that strong a will..

I can't bring myself to say it,
All i can do is to feel it..
Even if we are miles apart,
You will always be in my heart..

It hurts like i'm blind,
'Cos i can't read your mind..
I never knew if you felt the same,
Yet, I'm still to blame..

I wish i can just say it,
But i don't know what to name it ..
Sadness and emptiness is all i feel,
'Cos no one knows how i feel!!! 


Saturday, 21 January 2017



In the blink of an eye, I shot her in the legs and the screamed in pain, blood oozing from her legs.. I'm sure she thought I'd hesitate. What nonsense?

"This was not the plan.. She cried.. She dropped the gun and i swiftly moved to pick it up.
I stood in front of her naked, and said " You fucking bitch. You made my life hell.. Did you think for a moment that I'd hesitate to fuck you up? And go meekly with your plan like a fool? After all I've endured under you?! You must be mad to think that, you bitch.

I didn't even waste anymore time on niceties.. I shot her in the heart and brought out my kit.. I kept it safely hidden in my make up bag. I checked the two bodies to confirm their deaths. Then, i cleaned up the gun i used and placed in within the reach of madam. I rubbed her fingers all over it.. I strategically placed the bodies in such a way to match the range of shots.. Oh, i forgot to tell you, I'm studying Criminology/Forensics.. So i know exactly what the police will be looking for.. I cleaned up my kit and returned it. I looked at Edwards body and shook my head, what a pity.. He was just a pawn.

Then I shot myself in the left side of my tummy, just a flesh wound but it hit a major artery which made it bleed fast.. This is the critical time.. I could die if help doesn't get here soon.. I crawled in pain and held the gun.. I'd called 911 before i shot myself.. I went out of consciousness..

I awoke in the hospital room, my husband's friends and body guards surrounding me.. I looked up and screamed convincingly.." Where's ED?! WHERE'S MY ED????!.."
They all rushed towards me but the doctor held them back.. I groaned in pain and they all looked at me in concern.. I started screaming for Edward and I was given a drug to make me sleep.. The last thing I saw was the pain etched on everyone's face..

I was discharged and the police came to the mansion to visit me.. They apologised profusely but, told me they had no choice since i was the only witness to the crime still alive, they need a statement. With a pitiful face and tears streaming down my face, I told them that madam killed Edward and when she shot me, i managed to shoot her in self defence..
I could see I'd totally convinced them with my act.. They fell for my sob story totally..
Investigations were carried out and I was not charged to court for murder since i plead self defence..
The case was in court for almost 6 months.. I stood in front of the jury and stuck to my story. I was cross examined and examined by persecutors but I never wavered. I stood firm..

My story crossed the borders of my country and i began to garner public pity and defence as the woman who lost her husband after the wedding and miraculously escaped death.. My life story as an orphan/whore got out and rather than ridicule, I got pity..
The story was easier to believe because Madam had tried to kill him earlier.. Actually, i also planned that, so it'd be easier for people to believe me when this happens..
I was painted as the "Billionaire widow whose Husband came to a tragic ending".. Awesome.. I mourned him for the customary 5 months and then took over the Helm of his billions..

I chose a new CEO and had effective control over everything.. I gave to charity and made more millions out of his billions..
My goal in life is to destroy prostitution rings and rehabilitate/ give the women better lives.. That im doing.. Beautifully.
I don't have to defend myself to you, but, Edward would have never supported me in the total way i needed.. He doesn't know the value of the money he's amassed.. He needed to be killed for the greater good.. Moreover I'm not interested in Men. They've hurt me badly..
That's how i became a Billionaire Widow..

This is my story. I hope you enjoyed it? Kindly come over to Climax from time to time and disappear into the world of Twists. Bye...❤

The End.

Friday, 20 January 2017


I have my plans set for sarah. She's one of the most beautiful girls I've ever picked up and trained; and she's in high demand among the clients. Im not going to lose her for whatsoever reason.. She's one of my greatest assets that earns a lot of money for me. Even after her contract with me is expired, i will make sure to manipulate another one- so far she's still beautiful and sexy.

I'd had my eyes on the billionaire Edward.. I want her to bring him in as one of our customers.. He's a very rich one and will contribute a lot to the business.

She slid into the Limo and i could just stare at her.. The most beautifully innocent face I'd ever seen.. Her eyes look so expressive, and i had to catch myself from falling into their mystery. "Good evening sir, im sarah, and I'd be escorting you tonight"..she said in a firm but sultry voice.." Im Edward, and glad to be the recipient of your services".. She smiled charmingly and relaxed against the seat.

In no time at all, we arrived at the venue and took our seats.. I introduced her as my date, and she turned heads as I worked the crowd and accepted compliments from people.. She's a skilled conversationalist and knows a lot about everything.. I wondered frankly at how intelligent she is. I expected her to be dumb.. Just smile and look pretty.. I didn't expect her to join in every conversation and weave people into a spell with her words.. Im mesmerised with her..


I had fun this evening.. I'd met a lot of guys in my whoring days and Edward seemed different.. He's a very sexy guy that oozes charisma, but, he's extremely arrogant- a trait I detest in Men. Well, whatever.. My plans to seduce him were totally forgotten as I enjoyed myself at the party.. This is awesome..

He kept on meeting my eyes though.. Touching me softly and whispering sweet nothings in my ear like we are really dating.. I guess appearances are very important to him and we portrayed an happy couple; you'd never suspect we just met that night.
Charades.. Im very good at this game.. I joined in Every conversation and acted like a true society woman.. I smiled cynically in mind.. Even the edward could not realize how skilled an actress i am.

After the party, he asked his driver to take me home, but I declined. I can't risk him knowing my apartment.

3 weeks later

Madam called me to her office and told me that I have an opportunity to get closer to the billionaire. "This is a chance to redeem yourself my dear, you will get very close to him and make him fall for you.. We need his money." I looked at her, not comprehending.. She told me about the most incredulous plan ever, explaining it bit by bit with details.. My heart jumped up with joy and i swore to get him no matter what. Any hesitation i had disappeared and i smiled in happiness.. I'd be free..
Just one thing to be done..
And I'd be free for life.


I threw another party in my private island for one of my friends.. It was his bacholorette and i wanted to make it an epic experience for him..

What i didn't like was the influx of whores.. The party became totally bawdy and couples began to pair up.. It was nearing 1am and i left the party ground's to get fresh air.. I wondered why im not enjoying the party; booze is flowing, girls are plenty but I'm very distracted.. I can't let go of sarah.. Her wit, beautiful smile and innocent face.. I went back to the escot service to ask for her but i was declined severally..

I tried using my PI, but they could get no identification on her.. I wondered why. When i went, i met a woman whom they called "Madam". She's extremely beautiful with ageless features and a slim figure.. I hated her instantly. Her eyes were totally empty. Not a smidgen of emotions reflected in them.. I asked her about sarah and she vehemently refused to give me her contact. I asked to pay any amount to see her, but the woman declined.
I wondered why she's keeping sarah under a tight leash. I got her investigated thoroughly and I realized she's running a prostitution ring and using the ES as a cover. I vowed to get to sarah and save her.. I bumped into someone and grabbed on to keep my balance..
"Im so sorry," the voice whispered.

I looked down and saw sarah! What is she doing here? "What's going on? Why are you dressed like this?" She looked at me sadly and it clicked in my head. She's part of the whores my friends hired for the party.. I grabbed her arm and pulled her into the room housing the hot tub.. I sat down and pulled her onto my thighs.."I've been trying to get in touch with you.." I looked into her eyes and she looked so sad and ashamed.." Im sorry.. But im a hooker.. A high class one, but a whore nonetheless.." She started by telling me her story.. I felt deep revulsion for a person who'd pick up an orphan and turned them into business..

I started stroking her hair and petted her.."im going to expose her and save you, my dear.." She hugged me..


This is going more perfect than ever! I had to hide myself from him until the perfect time.. He's totally falling for my sob story.. I scoffed internally.. Its time to bring out the big guns.. "Please Ed, make love to me.. I'd never been taking care of before.. Always raped.. Please, show me love.." The hot tub looked divine with  arrays of colourful bottles surrounding it.. He stood up and gently carried me..he then moved to the hot tub and entered.. I felt the water engulf me and i felt completely soothed.. It's at the exact temp between perfect/unbearable hotness and it gently swirled around me.. He gently turned me around and I'm leaning against the rim.. He poured bath-oil on his hands and massaged my back.. The oil smelled on strawberries and I moaned in intense satisfaction as he massaged me.. He gently rubbed the kinks out of my back and released the knotted muscles.. I felt so close to orgasm.. His hands are made from heaven.. His hands left my back and gently moved to my ass. He grabbed the cheeks and gently massaged.. I felt myself getting aroused.. He slid a finger into my pussy.. I shivered in delight and moaned louder than ever..

He leaned over me and poured more oil onto his hands.. He turned me to face him and he started rubbing my breasts.. He gently squeezed my nipples between his fingers and I saw stars.. He lowered his head and started kissing my neck.. Running his tongue around the shell of my ears.. I shivered in delight as he bit my earlobes..

He kissed his way down to my navel and bit the skin around it.. His head disappeared under the water and i felt his lips clamp around my cunt.. He tongue fucked me like a pro.. The disparity of the hot water and his tongue made me ran crazy with need.. He raised his head and kissed me.. I tasted myself on his lips and i moaned deeply..

He gently placed my legs around his waist, leaned my back against the rim of the tub and gently penetrated me.. He slid in home.. Deeply and totally.. He built my arousal like a castle and totally broke down my defense.. I screamed as he made the sweetest and slowest love to me.. I came in a rush of feelings..

We started our torrid affair and had sex everywhere.. Anytime... We were secretly meeting without madam's knowledge. ( that's what he thought).. He vowed to destroy her and he found out she has deep ties in the mafia, and he was warned to stay away from her.. He became obsessed with destroying Madam so as to get me from her.. She continued to reject our union outwardly, but everything is working according to plan..
He proposed to me and it all clicked into place.

1 year later

She's been a good girl, and has led the goat to the slaughter. I'm extremely proud of her.. Now, we need to get rid of him and get all his money. But rather than the initial plan of setting somebody up for his murder, she's the calf that's going to be framed for his death. I can just picture the headlines : Tragic news; Woman killed Billionaire husband out of greed...
Of course, she doesn't know this.. I chuckled..


I can't just sit still.. Today is the happiest day of my life.. I'm getting married to the woman of my dreams.. Even if we had to elope to another state to get it done.. Her madam will find out on the news that i married her! I can't wait to see the expression on her face.. I've gotten to know sarah better and she's the purest of women, with no filth.. I can't even take the time to engage before tying the knot with her. She's just my perfect foil.
I've left my whoring and workaholic ways for her.. I've changed my entire properties beneficiary to her; if I died, it was to be given to Charity before, but she's my other half and she's very intelligent with a lot of awesome business ideas.. As young as she is.. At 21 years old...

I love her grace and maturity.. She's my best friend and  confidant. I never knew anybody could change me. Not even a whore.. Im glad to prove nancy wrong. Even a whore loves me..  She's the woman to take up the helm of my companies with me.. And I don't give a fuck about what anybody says.. My groomsmen were all smiling, happy for me.. And i adjusted my tie..

We had the most beautiful wedding ever.. He's a good guy and he's very much in love with me.. What a pity that he's going to die.. I do not even feel a twinge of pain at that thought. Everybody is a pawn to be played, and I will follow the plans I made with cash madam.. With just a little twist though..

Now, I have everything, i can begin to execute my personal plans.. Mrs Sarah Edward Scott.. It's got a nice ring to it.. I can never love anybody. Ever. This world has been to brutal to me.

Honeymoon Suites..

Tonight, the charade is ending.. I'd miss his fucking though.. That's all. I got under his defenses and made him fall for me.

This is the night.. Cash Madam is going to be here as per the plan; im going to sneak behind Edward to give her access to the room.. I did that and started kissing edwards.. This plan will be perfect because I convinced him to discharge his security detail for the night.. Afterall, we are on our honeymoon.. I smiled wickedly.. I went to the bar and served scotch on the rocks into 2 glasses.. I gave him one and drank the other.. "Baby, i need you to fuck me now.." He jumped on me like a rabid dog and started making me moan. I can't lie, even if he's going to die, he's the best lover I ever had.. He started fucking me doggie and I screamed.. That was madam's cue to enter..

Earlier that day, I'd disabled the CCtv's myself.. and I kept a gun with a silencer under the seat where I'm currently being fucked.. I felt euphoria swim through me and screamed in orgasm as i felt his cum splash into my womb.. Deep..

 He pulled out and we heard a voice " stand up". We looked up and saw madam pointing a gun at us.. The exact type i kept.. I smiled in anticipation.. You might wonder why she's doing this herself, since she has a lot of men in the mafia; this had to be carried out with utmost precision. Edward is a billionaire whose death will be investigated.. And as such, the less the people who knows about it, the better.

I looked at Edward in feigned fear.. He moved immediately to cover me from her.. He shifted me behind himself and tried to talk sense into Madam like a Man.. "What are you doing? She's my wife now! I'd give you any amount.. Just let us be" he pleaded.." Is the attempt on my life not enough? You tried to kill me, but my people couldn't get enough evidence to tie you to it.. I promise to let the investigation go, if you leave right now.."
While he's talking, I surreptitiously squatted and picked up the gun under the chair.. My pussy clenched in anticipation and i felt myself going wet at the thought of what im about to do.. I jabbed the gun into his back from behind and i felt him stiffen in shock. He tried to turn, but i said in my deadliest voice..


"Turn and die" she said. I felt my heart splinter into pieces.. I should have known better than to trust her! She's all for my money! Not me! How could I have been so stupid? "I'm not wasting words on epiphany. You are my ticket out of a life of bondage and poverty, you've served me well. Please, it's not personal, you have to die".
"I love you sarah.. Don't do this.. I tried to turn and grab the gun from her, but I felt 2 bullets Pierce me in succession.. "Bye.. Was the last thing i heard..

He fell with a sickening thud and i saw shock in Madams eyes. This was not the plan. She was meant to kill him..
She pointed the gun at me..


S - I feel so empty without you.
      The stars refuse to align.
      please Gimme a sign.
      Coz as hours turn to days, i feel so
      lonely so please stay.

H - You ain't here and am so bored.
      My silence is so loud, yet i miss your
      deafening laughter.
      I miss making plans with you, like
      "bae we gonna crash the after".

S - I still want more and more of you.
      Like a vampire, it's your eyes that
      compel me.
      You and I against the world, there
      was once a 'we'.
      I hate you, I love you... I hate that
      i fvckn love you.

H - My actions gat you confused.
      Your actions gat me confused too.
      We still share memories, of how i
      looked in your eyes and our lips
    got fused.
      But up, up and away our love flew.

S - Ah! my heart melts that you'd
      mention our kiss.
      Savoured like red wine, giving me a
      tingle in my throat.
      Thinking 'bout it almost gives me
      To think that we owned our ship, so
      now that we row our own boats.

H - I'd say this once... ok, maybe twice
      so you know i mean it.
      I'm in love with you and nothing
    can change it.
      But life's cruel, changes happen in a
      second's split.
      Just know, forever in my heart, there
      your love is always lit.

S - You are sexy with words.
      Making me swim in my wetness.
      Your words always cutting deep like
      the sharpest of swords.
      I want you one more time, after,
      you could choose what's next.

H - Tempting offer, but i'd rather pass.
      In my head, you lay in my arms.
      In my head, we fall asleep together,
      my hands loosely on your ass.
      But for now, i want it only in my
      head... we go separate ways, and we
      shake hands.

Thursday, 19 January 2017


Sparks 1

I blinked at the letter in shock. How did this happen? She broke up with me? Nancy broke up with me? Her text message went thus:

Im tired of being treated like a common whore Ed. You'd fuck me, and just give me money! Do you think money solves everything? Or is money a replacement for love?! You are a bloody workaholic! Your heart is blackened and I don't ever want to have anything to do with you. I hate you! You have other girlfriends and sleep around! I can never get married to you, ans even a whore would never marry you!
Im done with you! Go get a whore and treat her anyway you like! She'd accept it!
Enclosed is your engagement ring.
Fuck you!

I burst into an hysterical laughter. Nobody ever dumps me.. Im Ed smith, the billionaire tycoon. I smiled inwardly.. Does she think id worship her? Is this one mad? If she thinks for a single moment that dumping me will make me chase her harder, she's delusional. I scoffed in derision.. I have forgotten her face and infact, if she comes back begging, i won't accept her back. What nonsense? I called my secretary and asked her to keep the diamond ring. I rolled my eyes inwardly as she jumped up in joy and i started working. I need to close this merger, then call the next pussy to sink into. I have them, plenty in droves.


I'm thinking about what to eat for dinner as I ran the tips of my finger up the zipper of my client.. I opened his fly and brought out his semi-hard dick. I began to work my fingers over it till it became fully hard. I did all this without even concentrating.. I heard his moans and shivered in delight.. That's the only part of this job I like.. And i don't know why.. If it makes me more of a pervert, fine. I love the sounds they make when i have them at my mercy..

He started stroking my body and I laid down, calculating how many minutes of his time is left. "Swallow my dick, he asked gutturally.. I knelt down like an obedient doll and did just what he said. I've perfected the art of deep stroking some few years ago.. I worked my throat on his cock like a vise and he screamed while he came.. Good. I don't have to fuck him.. That's the part I detest. I don't ever enjoy sex.. It's usually annoying: the sweat and slapping sounds.. I stood up with dignity and wiped my lips.. I looked at him in a detached manner and said "you can leave now, your time is up, other clients are waiting" he grabbed his jeans and left. He's going to pay at the counter outside.

I work with an exclusive establishment, owned by the woman that saved my life as a kid.. I remembered that day; she carried me from the streets like a good Samaritan.. I never knew she had her own plans for me.. She adopted me, fed me, enrolled me in school.. and then sold my virginity to the highest bidder when i turned 17years. After that, i had to sign a contract stating that I'd work for her for 6 years, before i get my freedom. That's her payment.. I wish she never found me.. I wish I'd died. The humiliation of doing whatever a man says at anytime kills me. It crumbles a little part of my dignity everyday. Im 20 years, and my 6 year contract is still remaining 3 more years of shame..

The next man entered and ordered me to off my clothes, climb on the bed, lie down flat and close my eyes. He penetrated me immediately and slapped my face asking me to call him "daddy" while he fucks me.."scream like you love it, you bitch" he said.. My mind wandered an escape.. I began to think of how wicked and perverted men are.. How sick all this is making me feel.. I faked a moan and acted like i enjoyed it.. All i wished for was a knife to stab him.

I came back home feeling exhausted.. I heard a ping from my phone and i saw an alert of #150,000.. I guess that's my pay for the night.. I wished my life was mine to control and i can be like every other 20year olds around.. In college, making friends and having fun..  But no, i have to watch everything i eat, drink, use, wear.. I must always go out with flawlessly made up face and exclusive couture's.. I dress and look like a high class whore. Which i am.. On the surface, to everybody and those unsuspecting, the establishment provides escort services for rich men, to events and whatnot.. But this is a cover for the prostitution ring that's going on underneath..

Without Madam's knowledge, i registered with a college online and although it's longer, I'm steadily on course and almost done.. She didn't know I've been getting an education secretly.. That's the only form of rebellion i can muster.. I'm very scared of her..
I yawned in fatigue and went to my bed to sleep.. Today has been a very long one.. I dreamt of stabbing the next man that fucks me..


After seeing the girl off my mansion, and asking my driver to drop her home.. I began to reminisce.. Although, she's good in bed, i did not feel the sex.. It's like a empty thing to do.. I began to wonder if Nancy has cursed me..
All this pussy is feeling the same to me nowadays, its just like the bodies are different but the cuntd are the same. I need something different to spice it my sex life up.. Yes! There's something I've never done.. Fucked a whore..

Yes! A whore.. I need a whore.. I need to fuck a whore like nancy suggested..
 But before then, i wondered at what to do.. I have been invited to a dinner to celebrate a new merger/acquisition with my new partners and I need a date. Nancy has always been available for that, but now, she's gone. Can I take my secretary? I called her, but she told me she's not available but, she knows of an escort service that can provide me with a date.. Good.

My life is just spent working out, going to spa's and keeping my body fresh.. As i result, I'm very sexy and scrumptious.. Perfect for an escort. I'd gotten a ping this evening that someone needs my escort service. Infact, it was madam who called me herself, saying in her deceptively motherly tone "This man is a well known billionaire. Impress him and make him chase after you like a dog. We need his money." She hardly calls me for jobs personally except it's important. I wondered at who he is.. He must be quite important for Madam to call me herself, i thought. The event is a black tie, therefore a sexy formal gown is in order, and I'm going to be picked up at 7pm on the dot..

I rushed into the shower.. I mustn't waste time or displease madam. I'd seen her kill before. She's deadly.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017


Sorry i wasn't there when it all came down.

It all crashed swiftly, and i was absent, i couldn't be the parachute to keep u afloat.

Row, Row, Row faster i screamed... but speed still neglected my boat.

Coat of many colours, colours of grief, colours of gloom... all of these you wore.

I'd been waiting in the wings, to be the one to take it off if you ever put it on... "never would your tears hit the ground without me saving them" i blatantly swore.

It's a Shame to know i failed you and failed me, like a teacher marking the script of two best friends who copied each other in a test.

I let my opportunity slip, and history they say is the title given to the rest.
i can imagine how you feel after the punches across your torso.

The pain of your friends all in your ears, whispering "i told you so".
You stood by him steadfastly, even with all the trauma.

Many left the queue, perhaps i caught a cold standing in the winter nights waiting on you.

At the nick of time, before the seconds hand kissed passionately with that of the hour.

I left just for a split second , to get a cloak or anything for warmth,shoes, socks, gloves... even if they were made of rubber.

I guess I'd put on bieber's shoes and ask rhetorically if it's too late to say sorry.

I have lost my purpose, he's extinguished the fire in your heart.

In your mouth he's put a taste of tart.

He's broken the wheels of your cart.

He's probably given me no chance to win you, but right now i ain't even thinking of that.

if its the last actions i take before i die, I'll cry with you.

Stab myself and bleed with you.

Put you on my back and get you through the desert of sorrow.

So, Allow me to bind my grief to yours and tie it on an arrow, pull and let it fly faraway from the bow.

If what ought to be our garden of happiness, turned out to a world of reality, hurt and suffering.
Just Know i'd forever be the adam to your eve.

A Letter to you( letter Series)

*All about you*

Erotic letter/poem

Baby...i cant get my thoughts coordinated...

i wanna try and write smn beautiful buh im na grasping eet @ all...

i fink im gonna write eet juss d way i feel right now...hot, turbulent and fucked up...

*i read a fucked up incestuous erotica... and I'm thinking of u banging
d shii outta me ryt now*

or me banging dirty fuck outta u...anyway it goes;

um,right now what i feel is an unexplainable ishh..
its like sm1 took awt my heart nd pounded it into untraceable bits...

the thought of not seeing u for d past few weeks,
makes me wanna cry,bottom out and call it quits...

quits not with u baby, no, not at all...
but quits with d fuck dat caused this lull...

what i wanna do right now is kiss ur lips raw...
ur hands,ur neck,and suck till ur dick gets sore...

i hope u don't mind my language i know its crude...
but d fact is i don't give a fuck if u mind and dats true..

the thing is i wanna fly out an and cum see you,
then bury my cunt on u till i get very full...

i miss you like  fuck da u cant comprehend...
and dis shud pass fast,cant wait to cee d end...

i want to see your smile once again,
d smiles that i live for and keep me sane....

sane?yes,thats just true....
im going insane and feeling crazy pain...

please love,can we make a bargain?
u cum over here with ur smile nd ill love u till d end of my days...

im looking outside my windows and wishing it was true..that you could
read my thoughts and get a clue...

that im here listening to sappy blues,and im falling mur for u...
the thing is,you may think dis ain real or im writing crap of bulls,

but baby it might be crap but its all for you...
my crap,my beautiful,my crazy ass mood...

i love u so much u cant decipher..
or absorb d magnanimity of my crazy ass letter..

in telling u how much i miss u...
with words that are jumbled up and unbeautiful..
You can have my heart or we could share yours like the last slice.

that ain my rawest tho...but i miss u shiitingly...

i miss u like my soul is breaking...

i wanna go in deep and twine with u...madtly and if possible fit into
ur being...

p*s;i horny as fuck nd im gonna plunge fingers in my being wishing eets you...

Love, me
i love u.



I left her apartment with a gaping hole in my heart.. The satisfaction I expected to feel was non existent. I feel just empty.. I looked deep into me and found nothing to hold on to...nothing... I started feeling so bad when I remembered her face.. So shattered and broken.. Filled with tears..

"Fuck, smith?! You going all soft on me right?" I thought.. But i couldn't forget her face.. And the way she felt in my arms.. So perfect and beautiful.. Withdrawing from her is the most painful thing I've ever done in my life. She is so perfect, and I'd never felt more complete than I did these last few weeks.. I love everything about her.. Her sharp wit and intelligent conversations.. She's been like a best friend to me and i just threw all that away with my actions. I briefly considered driving back to her place; but phone pinged and I got an sms about the position for a new CFO, and my heart sank.. This just became shittier.


I walked briskly into the building with my spine straight. I have to pick up the pieces of my life, shattered all around me.. I'm sure he expects to catch me all sad and cowered. That's not going to happen. I entered my office and glanced at his office across from mine. He is not around.. I sighed in relief. I collapsed on my chair and quickly put together a slide share presentation for my CEO's emergency meeting. I went to her office and discussed extensively with her about the requirements to be the CFO.. She put me through it all and told me that Smith and I will be paired on a project.. The person with the best output will be given the Job. I sniffed hard in indignation.." This means we have to work together and still compete?" I asked.. "Yes my dear," She replied..

Shit, my mood hit rock bottom.
I got back to my office and felt his presence.. I decided to take the bulls by the horn and went to face him with what we've been given.. Avoiding him; which was my initial plan is not possible anymore. I knocked on his and he came to open the door for me... I stared at him in shock; he looks like hell warmed over.. Bags under his eyes, hair rough and face haggard.

My initial instinct was to run into his arms and ask what's wrong, but i cautioned myself and went straight to the point. He offered me a sit, and we began to discuss. I left his office after 2 hours of strategies.


As I drove home from work, i thought about resigning because I can't just bear seeing him everyday. After that day after, he's back to his normal assholey self and even worse.. His digs at me has become personal, and im now ready than ever to win the job over him. The thought of being his senior gives me joy and is the only thing keeping me warm at night. Infact, his wicked behaviour is the only thing burning the fire in my heart.. I'd have resigned.

Try as much as I may, i still love him.. I catch myself playing our memories on a loop in my head.. I totally withdrew to myself and even zoned my mother out. Im obsessed about getting the job. That's the only thing that's not making me go mad. I see him everyday at work and we have to work together in close quarters to achieve the aim of the job.
The only thing that changed about him is his whoring ways.. He totally alienated himself from his drone of office admirers and gave the work his 101℅. Whenever i think of his ideas and what he's planned, i begin to panic.. He's very intelligent and I'm very scared of losing to him..

The competition is a very fierce one and i feel myself being pushed past my limits.

I see her everyday and its driving me crazy.. Her lush body and genius ideas. She's become totally indifferent to me.. It's like i never even existed again. I resumed my acts of frustrating her, but she's just cold. Nothing i do ever affects her.. She became a shadow of whom I knew.. Just giving all her efforts and time to the work. I curse the work that's making me being this near to her without being able to touch her. I didn't know what to do again. Anytime i try to bring up our matter, she'd just shut down.. I began to get scared. What have I done? I've created a work zombie. I realized how much my actions cost her and infact, she doesn't deserve what I did... I think I love her..

I know what to do though.. I'm going to make amends.. In the meantime, the competition is getting fiercer.


The day for the presentation came, and i feel so sick to my heart at the thought of smith winning. I wanted to die at the thought. This job is the only thing not making me fall apart.. But "he deserves it too, i thought.. His ideas are epic. I wondered what'll happen. We are supposed to submit the slide share presentations to the general secretary the day before, and it will be presented by a neutral person to remove bias.

I sat down and felt so nervous.. This is all I've worked for in the last 2 months..
The presentation began and i was shocked to my marrow.. My ideas and his were seamlessly blended together.. Who did this? I wondered. His ideas perfectly complimented mine on the screen. It was magnificent. I searched for him in the boardroom and our eyes met.. He gave me a sad smile..

In that split second, i realized what he'd done.. He stole my slide shares and worked his ideas totally into it.. It must have taken all night to do that!! The gesture brought tears to my eyes.. His slide shares were never presented..

Smith stood up from among the board room members and said..
"Samantha.. " I looked up in shock.
"I'm sorry for hurting you, and for everything I did.. I love you very much, and im willing to be punished for my wrongs.. Please forgive me..
Everyone looked on in shock. I was shocked.
"I've tendered my resignation letter, and I'm yours for ever".. He walked towards me..
I just started crying.. He engulfed me in a big hug and ushered me out of the room, admist the claps and catcalls of our colleagues.

I love you, and i hope you'd forgive me.. He explained why he did it and told me I deserved to be the CFO.. With my sheer intelligence..
I got the job and Smith resigned.. To start his own webtech company..
I'm forgiving him little by little, and he's healing the damage he caused.❤