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Tuesday, 21 February 2017


Is the real back?, or would it choose to continue its exile.

'Coz these days we all caught up in the fake life.

We all sinking, and most of these niggas think they rolling in the deep.

'Coz of the bottles they popping, and the liquor they sip.

Most of which is gotten from the people they swindle and shades of deceit.

Worse enough that y'all deceitful, buh nigga can't you think... at least place yo ass on the seat fool!

Do that and take a moment to ponder.

Is this life worth living, if u stay blind to the nitty-gritties ...you got yourself nicknamed stevie.

Dancing to the harp of shaytan, these scenarios bug me and then i wonder.

Is the real just a state of mind, or is it merely figmental or fictitious.

I gerrit that y'all think its a show of guts, glory or conquest.

Looking down on others with the eye of fetty.

And y'all believe life is warped like that, shades of being petty.

Bank account's showing its gat plenty, but the strong room of the heart is beeping empty?

Is that satisfying... or status quo defying.

Like they say "money gives that high",

Prolly i could conclude its gratifying.

But is that shvt real, and do you feel the inner peace?

Not neglecting my ladies who let that booty twerk for men thrice my age.

Men who on bed wouldn't be able to flip you like i would, something like pages.

You do this for what? chanel bags and zanotti shoes.

Closet filled with jimmy choos, cloth lines of different designers... you don't even know which to choose.

Your face's all caked up, i wouldn't recognize you after it's all washed away when you bath up.

You want the Fast money and swift cars, but you don't wanna hussle with him for it.

Rather than stay on his side, you choose to become another man's bvtch on the side.

You want to quickly cross the divide, show off to your friends and be the new topic on discuss.

You in school and you date an "aristo-talian", you ain't wanna put your head down to pass that lecturer's course.

But when you get there he gives you two choices.

Number 1 is that you fvck him,

Number 2 is that he gets your dough and you still fvck him.

You dumbfounded, but you ain't gonna do nothing, 'coz you been boxed in a corner.

You let him slide in, and soon it becomes a vicious cycle.

It becomes "norm stuff" to you, nothing gets to you no more... even your neighbor's ridicule.

You down a slippery slope, and you must likely not to be saved even by prayers of the pope.

But again i ask, aunty does it feel real to you.

You went from being all "holy mary" in your teens to being bad and boujee.

Now that pvssy's all beaten up like it
was caught up in a fight with Bruce lee.

We all embroiled in these sortof scenarios, and i myself ain't no saint.

Just a born sinner, leading an inquest... if the real could be brought back..


It's been a while since we spoke, so i can't really say if you miss me.

Can't really tell if like that Eamon song, you still diss me.

But a piece has been missing from my jigsaw ...can't really put a finger on it.

I let my mind travel back in time and i let it linger.

Never knew I'd miss you this much till last sunday.

Saw your pix on iG, and i voluntarily let my eye stay transfixed for a second or two more.

The past is gone, but i really wished we coulda done more.

We got this one of a kind attraction that can't be described by the laws of physics.

Too far, but still close enough.

Physically absent, yet at every turn i see your face.

My home doesn't feel like it anymore.

Afterall "home is where the heart is", hence my home is right there with you.

Staying up all night cozy-d up in the bubble bath, sipping from our glasses of Chardonnay.

Your soft booty backed up to me like i was some sort of cloud storage.
We stay fvcked up all night, High on

Inhaling the floral scents of the roses
floating in the tub.

And after we make sweet love, welcoming the dawn with moans of our names...

Damn it, you make my head pop.

I let my mind travel once again, its these effects you have on me that make me rue your absence.

Missing you daily, like i was desperately searching.

Breaking up in march was the worst decision.

I let it all burn, flames from a match stick.

I'd never deny that what we had was "Toolz thick"

Many have come and gone since that 3rd month of the year.

None of them could light a torch beside you, your hotness was inferno-ish... making all the guys gaze in tears.

So once in a while i bury my heads in my hands, and i ask the simple question what if?

What if i had decided to stay and weather thw storm?

What if i had been alil' more tolerant?

What if i went ray charles on your attitude and acted dumb?

What if against all odds i had decided to be defiant?

The outcomes of the questions i'd never know.

But i'm certain of one fact, and it's that "I miss you"


You were the one thing in my way.
The rock that I often wrestled with.
Needless to say.
Your actions were like an Agiel, causing me pain... You definitely one of lord Rahl's mord-siths.
I seat... listening to music, but thoughts of you sway me off beat.
Not like i brim wit conceit, buh i wouldn't be feeling the way i do but for your deceit.
So right now, it's time to set it all alight.
So from the fumes, a new me might arise.
A Phoenix of sorts, so i could feel liberated from your infringement of torts.
Basically, its to escape the taunts.
Ironically you cared.
But i ain't tryna cross this bridge we share no more.
Spill gasoline on it, i ain't taking things slow no more.
Brew some lean up, and let my emotions come to a gridlock.
Then burp that purp, thankfully its all come to a stop.
So as these bridges go up in smoke, and i choke from its inhalation.
I'm filled with ecstasy that i ain't never going back to where i never shoulda been in the first place.
While i mess with the ash so it leaves no trace.
Then exiting the premisies at full pace.


No one understands the joy on my face when we 'bout to rendezvous.

It's only our under-G "P" That can get me this flustered.

I know you've laid it all bare on a table.

And in my head, am thinking 'bout 5 ways to eat you like custard.

We chat on codes, i smile 'coz bae would never decode.

I smile at me when am on night call for an urgent liposuction.

This "D" just got on attention.

So it's down to swerving swiftly in my rover.

In a race against time and for my erection... you bet i'd be the winner.

And you got that clean shave that could make any man your slave.

At the ward, we do it in the dispensary.

'Coz tonight your legs are up, as we celebrate our secret anniversary.

Its our rhythmic movement that springs the gravely silent alley to life.

The added adventure of being caught.

Keeps my heart steady beating fast, and in pidgin "omo my heart go cut"

This Undercover lifestyle has got my boat rocked.

That's why twice a week, in your yard my ship is docked.

My Illicit Affair

I sat in my office, my mind wandering and circling about my marriage. I need to save my marriage! It's slipped away from my grasp and I could see it crashing soon. I met my husband at college and we were the best things that happened in each other's lives. We basically did everything together, and when he proposed to me, I went mad with happiness. We were the perfect match. He's the epitome of sexiness to me and a great pillar of support.

We used to be each others everything! I don't know where all that has disappeared to. The only problem we had then was his twin brother. I totally hate him; but because of my husband, I tolerated him. He was angry when my husband married me because he didn't want to share him. Everyone advised him to quit his whoring ways and also get married, but he refused.

He held on tight to his brother and really influenced him a lot. I just hope he hasn't affected his life to the point of him cheating on me. I hate him a lot! I'm sure he's very happy with this gulf in my marriage. I'm going to prove him wrong and snatch my husband back from him.

I've been so scared to ask him if he's dating another woman because I can't even bear the answer. Or how will a man not fuck his wife for over a year and not complain? We even drifted to separate rooms. He leaves home very early for work and i complained that he disturbs my sleep, so, he moved to the guest room. I can't believe i let my husband go so easily. In the twinkle of an eye, a year has passed.

Our routine is so boring. I don't make breakfast but we eat dinner together if he's home early. If not, he'd microwave his portion whenever he gets back home.
Recently, the spice and hotness that made my marriage flare up and maintain its sexual spark is almost nonexistent. Basically gone. I've been married for 5 years and gradually, we stopped reaching out to each other. My husband became less attentive to me and more attentive to work. I also didn't care because I'm forging ahead in my career and my focus is totally on it. I can't even remember the last time we had sex. Maybe a year ago. Our life has hit the rocks and its totally Boring.

Here i am, reminiscing and suddenly realising that me and my husband; who used to be each other's best friend nearly mean nothing to each other now.. And I just did nothing! I also got satisfaction from my job and we don't even have any kids. I began to panic at my stupidity.
"Hey girl, come of it! What are you thinking of?" My co worker who's the closest to me, barged into my office, startling me.

She sat down and i proceeded to tell her everything that's going on with my marriage. "Well, you and he needs to spice your marriage up! And i think I know just what you need. You guys need a bit of adventure." She rummaged in her bag and gave me something. "This is my invite to a masquerade party for adults and couples only. You can have it. You need it more.. Its like a pretend role play. You have to leave for the party separately, find each other, and pretend to be strangers. The venue has Lot's of executive bedrooms for your needs. I think this will really help." I collected the invite grateful. It looked so sleek and expensive with a gold trimming on a black background. I'm very hopeful that with this, I'd connect back with my husband and save my marriage. I just hope he's not having an affair. I'd be really devastated if that should happen!

I smiled at her in excitement and thanked her profusely. It should help delete our boredom and this should do the trick!
I love my wife intensely and I'd do anything for her.. That was then. Right now, she's somebody else entirely. She's not the woman I married. The caring, loving and attentive wife. She's totally indifferent to me, and I don't even know what to do anymore. I'd tried every way to pull her back to me; to no avail. It's like her work is her husband. She's not even ready to have kids. My hand has developed calluses from the amount of hand jobs it has given my dick. We used to have a lot of sex before and the decline is really hitting me bad. I can't believe she even pushed me to another room. I guess she doesn't care.. And probably in love with another man.

I promised myself never to cheat on her, and I've kept to that promise faithfully; no matter how hard my twin brother persuaded me to. He's a super Playboy and knows every trick in the book.
He told me that she'd never find out and all I had to do was look innocent. He's the crazy wild one, and I'm the calm, gentle one. He's tried to get me to cheat on my wife, but I disagreed. I told him everything that's happened in my marriage and he just scoffed and told me to divorce my "sexy but good for nothing wife".. He's really been on my neck and it's worse because we own our business together; therefore, we are always together at work. He wanted us to share an office together but i rejected. Although i love him fiercely, i know when to dump his advice.

I stared at the invitation card in my hands.. A masquerade party. My wife gave it to me in the morning with the sweetest shy smile ever. She looked like the innocent girl i married. "This is for us. I got a copy made for you.. It's an invitation to a party. We'd role play and act like strangers.." I grabbed her and kissed her. She looked at me in shock and happiness. I had to let her go because of work. "At the party tonight, I'm going to give you all the fucking you deserve dear.. We really need to reconnect.." She looked at me and love for her filled my soul. I can't imagine losing this woman. I can't wait for this evening.
 "Hey bro.. " he entered my office. I groaned inwardly.. What does he want again? This is the 5th time he's barging into my office today. I smiled at him in exasperation. "What the fuck do you want?" I asked. "I just came to gloat that you shouldn't have gotten married!.. See what's happening now.." He chuckled.

I threw a pen at his head. "Get out, and don't come back again" i said.. Instead of leaving, he closed the door and entered fully. "What's that on your hand?"he asked.. I gave it to him and said dreamily.."A party for couples.. I'm going to straff the hell outta my wife tonight.."He smiled and said.."Thank God, at least you gon get some pussy tonight.. So when are you leaving?" "I don't know, soon though.."

"Let's go grab lunch quick then, and shop for some sexy masks..I'm sure you don't want to be late for this party.." We laughed at his implication and went out of the office.
I smoothed the gown i wore over my thighs. It's a silk red gown.. Strapless and backless. My breasts are small and firm, so i didn't need any support. The only big thing about me is my ass. The gown pulled taut over it and I felt incredibly sexy. I can't wait to meet up with my husband at the venue. He promised me a hot night and I can't wait to make these happen.
My pussy ached in emptiness and I wish we had met up already. In fact, with the way I'm feeling, we are definitely wasting no time on small talk. We are going to have a great night. Hopefully, this will mark the Beginning of Good things for my marriage. I'm extremely happy he's into making this work as much as I am. At first, I was scared that he'd reject me, but now, I'm very happy.

I slipped on my stilettos and practiced a sexy walk in front of the mirror. I imagined getting to the venue and seeing my husbands tall frame, then swerving my hips slowly as I walk towards him. Swaying softly to an imaginary beat.. I snapped out of it and picked up my purse. I locked all the doors and entered my car. I wished we went together, but I guess that will spoil the fun.
I entered my car in excitement. I can't wait to see her. I drove down to the venue like a maniac and donned my mask when i parked. I got down and adjusted my suit. I just got a new haircut for this.. I hope this works out. I can't wait to taste her pussy.. I've been so deprived.

I walked in and showed my invite to the butler. It's a strictly by invitation masquerade party. I stepped inside and was shocked.

I got to the venue and parked my car. I scanned for my husband's escalade and saw it in the parking lot. I felt joy fill me. He's here! I almost tripped in excitement to enter the place. I showed the person in the front my invite and i stepped in. I was shocked by what I saw.. I looked like a nun in comparison to most women here. I guess the fact that they are wearing masks has removed any inhibition. Most of them wore practically nothing.

I looked around and I'm impressed at the decor.. It's designed like an harem. Exotic and intricate art covered the roof, while sensual art was depicted on the walls. The color tone is red and black.. Black mosaic rugs, soft and plush covered the ground.. The room is extremely large and opulent.. With a big guitar shaped hot tub in the middle.. That's the major centre of attraction.. People were longing inside, kissing and performing several sexual acts. The room was filled with different several alcoves..

I looked on and i got so mesmerised by the view.. Someone tapped me, and its a waiter serving drinks. I took a glass and enjoyed my drink.. I continued what I was watching.. Two women particularly grabbed my attention. They were kissing and squeezing each other so tenderly. I suddenly remembered my husband. I left the pool side and walked around. The room is shocking me so bad. Different things I can't place is happening here. This place is a hot bed of hook ups.

I saw him standing at the far end; looking searchingly around. I'm sure he's looking for me. I waved at him and he I saw his eyes spark with recognition. He strode towards me and I admired his sexy gait. He got to me and grabbed my hands. His mask looks so perfect, and it framed just his eyes.

"Baby.. I've been anticipating this for so loong.." I said to him.. He smiled at me and bit my ears.. I felt myself melt totally.. "Tonight is gon be hot.." He whispered huskily in my ears.. I moaned and he opened the door to a room and we stepped inside. He locked it up. And turned to face me. He ripped off my gown in half.

I looked at him in shock. He smiled wickedly and ripped off my panties.. I stood before him completely naked. He took a minute to look at me admiringly and then carried me and dropped me on the bed. Then he pulled off his clothes and as he wanted to remove my mask, I shook my head No.. He smiled and started kissing me. He ran his finger all over my body while devouring my mouth. This is so different from the slow and measured way he does it.. But I guess the 1 year hiatus has affected him.. I love this better anyway.

He laid down and dragged me on top of him..."I'm going to fuck your cunt now.." He said hoarsely. He just ripped through me! It hurt so fucking bad.. It's been a year I had sex last. I kissed me and then raised me up and slammed me back on his dick. I screamed into his mouth. I felt myself get wetter on his cock and I began to enjoy the rough treatment.. He continued to move me on his dick very fast and rough. I continued screaming.. He handled my breasts tenderly and gently sucked them.. While bouncing me on his dick.

The sensations got to me and I almost died of pleasure.. The orgasm caught me unawares. I stiffened and rode his cock without his help. I grinded on it like a cowgirl and squeezed with all my energy.. He suddenly pulled out and dragged me to a sitting position on his mouth. The edge of my vulva was beginning to hurt from the stretching and he licked me tenderly.. I felt my juices run faster into his mouth and I squished his head tighter between my legs.
He flipped me off then laid me on my sides.. He then thrust into me again.. The position made my cunt squeeze tightly on him and I screamed at how full I felt. His dick almost dragged out my insides on his pull out thrusts and I vowed never to let him go again. I can't believe I left this for a year!

He slipped his fingers into my mouth and asked me to suck.. His voice sounds so hoarse and heavy.. The slapping sound of our fucking sounded like thunder in my ears. He flipped me on him to a reverse cowgirl and pounded the hell out of my cunt. I came countless times.. He has the stamina of a horse. He fucked me like he's high..

I moaned and squeezed my cunt harder on him..it made my juices flow, he was ripping my sensitive pussy apart..He fucked me so hard that my body slammed into the bed. Echoes of the fucking filled the room. I sobbed and moaned as he continued to drive his prick in to the hilt.
I felt his balls wetly slapping against my ass. He held my legs firmly under his arms as he might hold a steering. He used my body to give himself the maximum pleasure possible. While I couldn't move freely, he could and did swing her from side to side, his hands gripping my firm thighs with steely ferocity.  

"Please! Do fuck me harder!" I pleaded. The man was intent on fucking me like tomorrow didn't exist. Fuck. This is the hottest sex of my life.. He ripped into me and bent me into an obscene position i can't even explain.. His hands slipped to my knees. This caused my ass to drop, and his cock to almost slide from my cunt. I moaned in agitation at the slight loss in feeling and he then jerked me back up, his cock sinking deeper into my cunt than ever before. He twisted my hips, jerked me around, and dropped my ass on his cock repeatedly.
It felt as if he were driving a corkscrew into my tender pussy.

Everything began to come together for me. The feeling raced down my arms and exploded with fury in my body. The way he occasionally leaned forward to bite at my tits gave me pleasure.
I felt an odd mixture of desire and horror, mounting inside my tender, trapped body. His cock swelled inside my tight fuck tunnel to the point where I'm sure he would rip me apart. Sobbing, the feeling was too intense for me to keep up with.. I felt like id burst into a million pieces.

I tried to kick away from his iron grasp. But he didn't allow it, and the position he held me in was against me. He continued to ram his prick into my obscenely wide-spread cunt and I had no choice to accept this crazy fucking like I'd die. The craziest shii was mounting in me!
The shock of my orgasm caused my pussy to convulse powerfully around his deeply buried cock. I felt every single contour of his swollen cock as I rocked from side to side, lost in the throes of stark desire. The orgasm was laced with pain and pushed me to the edge of unconsciousness..

The door banged open and I looked up in shock. Into the eyes of my husband. He looked so furious. The man on the bed pulled of his mask, and I fainted.
Fuck. Her pussy is the sweetest thing ever. I'd always suspected so, and I've been anticipating fucking her. I can understand now why my brother married her. Fuck, i think I want to marry her too. She totally wiped off the memory of any other cunt I've fucked. She fucks me like an innocent whore. Jeez. I couldn't even wait for any foreplay. Her perfect body is the bomb.

Pert breasts, begging to be squeezed, juicy looking nipples screaming to be sucked and bitten. Her skin is nice.. Widely defined curves killing me and sending me to pussy heaven.
It's like her pussy doesn't want to let me go. It's begging for more, more, and more! I don't care about what I'd do. I have to be tapping this ass. And I don't want to share!

Sunday, 19 February 2017

UnMask Me

I walked down from my lecture hall. I hate the way i have to go back home after school everyday. For God's sake, I'm in college! From what i read, people anticipate college like the most special thing ever, where freedom and life is free. But no, not me. I've got a domineering loser for a father who only allowed me attend college if I'd go from home. No hostels and off campus life for me. I'm always escorted to class by a body guard. I looked back and saw him behind me. He always report my every move to my dad and i can't even talk to anybody, or my mom will be punished. It's so bad that the guard even attend classes with me. He's usually at the back.

My father totally deflated my self esteem and I'm a severe introvert. I can't even look into anybody's eyes. I have no friends and i was home schooled for high school. He doesn't allow me talk to anybody and even my mom is in the same shoes in his house. We are basically his slave. Everyday, I escape my dreary reality by thinking of my dream man. The one who'd steal me away from my father and treat me like his own princess.. He's dark, tall, intense and everything i want. He's kind and gentle. The exact opposite of my father. He's a good man.. I wish he'd take me away and give me a better life, then I'd come save my mom from my father's clutches.

I was carried away by my thoughts and didn't even realise my body guard was nowhere to be found. I looked around and then I felt hands grab me. Very strong hands. I looked back in shock and the next thing i knew, i was being bundled inside a car. I tried to scream, but something disgusting was shoved into my mouth and i gagged. I struggled hard, but i was restrained by the 2 men I sat in the middle of. They were extremely big and strong and the car zoomed off.

My eyes watered in agitation and I wondered what they want with me. I'm just an average girl.. I choked on the cloth in my mouth, but they paid me no mind. I realized that if i didn't calm down, I'd just suffocate. I calmed my breathing and took measured breath through my nose. I began to feel less suffocated, but my panic didn't reduce.

What did I do to this guys? What nonsense? Who are they, i looked around wildly and realized the car was zooming off so fast at top speed. All the windows were tinted and the AC was blasting at top freeze. Sweat ran down my spine and chilled me to the core. I made eyes contact with one of the men and he just leered at me and ran his fingers up my thighs. I tried to struggle, his hands filled me with disgust. The other man said "Leave her. The boss will not tolerate the nonsense you're doing". The removed his hands and mouthed to me.."I'd get you later". I felt my fear worsen. Oh my God! There's a boss. I'm being kidnapped. Oh, my dear mother! How would she feel if I don't get back tonight? Oh my! I'm her only comfort.

The car slowed down and came to a stop. A blindfold was wrapped around my eyes and then i was led down from the car. I walked blindly and clumsily because i couldn't see. One of the man grabbed my hands firmly and led me somewhere.

After walking for about 10 minutes, we came to a stop and the blindfold and gag was pulled off. I was made to kneel and i was shocked by what i saw. I'm surrounded by overstated opulence. I'm in a very large room, beautifully decorated with expensive decor. Although, my father is rich, our house is not like this. Beautiful and big.. I looked around in awe. "Good. She's here." My eyes whipped around in shock into the eyes of someone I'd always considered my father's friend. He's always so nice to I and my mom. I always considered him my uncle and when i was little, i use to wish he was my dad.

 I rushed up from my knees and ran into his arms. Oh, thank Goodness, a familiar face..."daddy,.." I said with a sob.. "I've been kidnapped! I don't know what's happening sir!" I hugged him hard. He hugged me back and said.." Yes, my dear.. Sorry hmm.. But you've been take as a debt.."

I registered his words and my hands fell from his middle.."what?! Whats do you mean?".. I started moving backwards.."where are you going? I thought you were happy to see me now?!" He said with a crazy leer.

"You're in place for your father. He's owing the Overlord money and I've been tasked with collecting it. He didn't want to pay up; despite knowing the dire consequences. I know how much your father is obsessed about you, even more than his wife. I took you as a punishment to him. This is going to affect and destroy him." He smiled..."You" he pointed to one of the goons. "Take her to the west wing and tell the maids to get her ready for the auction tonight.. She's going to be sold.. Just the way her father has sold countless girls.".. He came closer and ran his fingers through my hair.."You've always been an exquisite piece. No wonder your father has been keeping you tighter than a rare jewel.. What an Irony. He sells off girls; and now, his own daughter will be sold. I'm sure your flawless skin and looks will fetch me a great fortune tonight. We'd deduct his debt from it and send your father the balance".. He cackled.

What?! I felt faint.. And i fell unconscious.

I slowly came to and opened my eyes. I was submerged in cold water. I sputtered and tried to scream but my throat is so dry and my tongue so heavy.. I feel so lethargic. What's happening? A naked woman stepped into the bath and started bathing me. I tried protesting but i could not. She smiled snidely at me and said.."You've been given medication to restrict your movements. You're awake, but barely. Relax.."

Oh. That explains it then. I can't believe somebody I trusted did this to me. Why am I paying for my father's sin. I can't believe my father is into prostitution and women trafficking. I almost fainted again. She rinsed me off, and with surprising strength, carried me out of the water. She dropped me on a big soft sofa and 3 women came to me. I was oiled and dressed up in the most sluttiest attire I'd even seen. Barely there wisp of clothing that looks demure, but leaves nothing to the imagination. "Are you a virgin?" One of the women barked at me. I shook my head No, and they looked surprised.

 "But i thought her father kept her tighter than ever," one of them murmured. They made me up and coiled my long hair into something else. Then they pulled me in front of a mirror and i gasped. I looked so innocent and devilish. The gown was playing hide and seek with my lithe body and my makeup was nude. I looked like the perfect sacrificial lamb. I was blindfolded and led somewhere and asked to sit down. I didn't see any other girls like me and wondered what's happening.." Let the auction begin!" I heard a voice boom. I wished i could see what's going on. I panicked at who I'd be sold to. A wicked man just like the rest of them, I thought. Who'd buy off girls at a auction?.

My thoughts were scattered when my blindfold was pulled off. I closed my eyes in shock. A spotlight was shining on me and I could barely see in front of me. My eyes adjusted a bit and I saw different screens in front of me faintly. What?! The men are not even here! It's happening online. I can't see their faces well, although, I'm sure they'd see mine. They can be from anywhere in the world! And it's a silent bidding. I could see the amount bidded for at the top of their screens and I felt my eyes bulge in shock at the sheer exorbitance. Oh my God. Who pays this kind of money for a woman?! Except they plan to do sickening things to her?.
"Sold! " I heard a voice said. "Dr X, she'd be delivered to your private jet now and before morning, arrive at your place. We hope you enjoy her".

"100, you're now Dr X property. To be used as he See's fit. You've been fitted with his tracker and he can find you anywhere in the world, so, don't try to escape; the consequences will be dire." I jolted when I realized he's referring to me. I'm 100?!
I felt something prick my arms and I fell unconscious.

I awoke and looked around. I'm in a dark room. I felt all the memories rush through me and I felt like I'm in a dream. I sat up and got down from the bed. I felt so weak and dizzy, but i trudged on. The door looked like a million miles away.. Just as i got to the door, it was pulled open for me and i almost lost my footing. An arm grabbed me and i wavered. He clicked on the lights and I looked into the most empty eyes ever. I took in his physique and I took a step back. He looked exactly like the man in my dreams; but half of his face is covered in scars. His eyes penetrated my soul and I felt cold fill me.

He's tall, huge, dark and extremely handsome; Infact, the scar only added to his overall dangerous aura; it didn't detract from his good looks. He's eyes were empty though. They looked dead. He glanced at me without any flicker of emotion and I realized I'm totally naked. I tried to rush into the room but he stopped me with his voice." Naked is how you'd exist in my house." His voice grated through me like sandpaper and scraped my nerves raw. What sort of voice is this?!

"I'm X to you. Nothing else." He stepped into the room and moved closer."You're more exquisite in person. I'd never seen features so perfect like yours" he murmured. I know this is supposed to sound flattering, but he said it with so much detachment and surgical coldness, i felt ice fill my soul. He admired me like a new toy. "You'd be fun to play with" He left the room.

I sat down hard on the bed. Oh my God! I'm dead. He looks like the man i always wished for, but it's like he has the soul of the devil. I hadn't completed the thought when he came back.

"Get on your knees" he said menacingly. I quickly rushed down to my knees. Resisting him will get me nowhere. He's thrice my size. He pulled off his jeans. Let's see what you can do. "Open up! I quickly opened up my mouth. Unlike some women i know, i can't even be strong headed and get beaten by him. Why? It'd only lead to unnecessary pain. I opened my mouth and he shoved his mammoth dick into my mouth. I choked on it and felt all my airways blocked. Oh my!

I looked deep into his eyes and shivered. They looked dead and untouchable. His eyes bored into me and it's like he can feel all I'm thinking. He slapped my cheeks and murmured.."suck me deep and swallow me, 100. Why the fuck are you distracted. Suck" he smiled sadistically. I tried to put all my porno skills into use and got lost in an alternate reality.

I'd secretly ordered for a sex toy online and went through a lot to get it. Sex was the only release i had from my miserable life. Although id never fucked a real man, My cunt is well used.
It was a 12inch rubber dick; 3 inch wide, firm and pliable like i imagined a real dick will be. It came with a suction cup and i mounted it upon a wooden sit in my bedroom. I laid on my bed that night, imagining my dream man making love to me; then fucking me hard and raw. I got intensely wet from my thoughts and stood up. I gently squatted over the chair and slowly slid the head of the rubber cock in me. I moaned in joy and suddenly slammed my pussy on it.. It was painful and Delicious... I felt incomplete and stood up with the cock sticking out of my pussy. I laid on the bed and started fucking myself with it. Faster and faster i went, soon it was flying in and out of me, with the speed of whatever. It marked the Beginning of my personal fuck fuck fest. I'd order for whatever sex toys i fancy and use them on myself. I became addicted to sex and always rushed home from classes to give myself a fuck down. As soon as I could.

Before the dildo, I'd disvirgined my self with a hair brush or my fingers, I'm not sure which. I fuck myself with whatever i could lay my hands on. I began to get dissatisfied and craved something bigger and longer to fuck me with. I was watching my secret stash of porn when it occurred to me to order for mine. If i can't get a man, I'm going to make do. I slid my cunt over the rubber dildo and it squished noisily. I began to ride it slowly.. Then I increased my tempo. I didn't believe it could enter me. It's so large and i felt so full. I enjoyed it and continued fucking it hard..

I felt a slap on my face and slid back to reality. My mouth is being choked by X's dick and my fingers were buried in my pussy. All five of them. Tears was rushing down my face and i was busy fisting myself.

For the first time, i saw a spark of interest ignite in his dead eyes. "Don't stop. Continue what you're doing. Slowly lay down on the floor.." I meekly obeyed with my cunt full of my fist. I slid my arms deep and felt myself crammed full. He knelt down between my legs and gazed at me in fascination. "Fuck, this is hot. I expected you to either be a virgin, or a near one.. Your pussy is so wide." He grinned. "There's a lot of things we can do to you. My dick will just fall in there.. I can't ever fuck that wide cunt. Your ass look like they'd be my new home." He stood up and went out of the room.. He came back holding the largest fake cock I'd ever seen in my life.

I closed my legs in fright.."Open up!" He smiled. Then he knelt between my legs and slowly inserted the toy. I screamed in pain and he said.." Scream harder. I'm going to cram bigger things into you. It's better you get used to it now.." He smiled sadistically. He then spat on my ass hole and shoved his dick in me. My virgin asshole protested, but he just forced his way in deeper. My pussy is crammed full and it closed my asshole tighter..

I wanted to die from the extreme feeling of pain and pleasure. He rotated the huge cock in my pussy and i screamed in joy while he fucked the hell of out my ass like a piston. He alternated the feelings in me and I felt like I'd go mad. "There's a lot of games we're going to play 100. You're the perfect fuck toy. Now, scream louder and bounce on this dick.." He bit my neck. He placed the fake dick in my hand and encouraged me to fuck myself with it. I did it so crazily and fast, my fuck juice spewed out and coated his cock fucking my ass. It made it go in easier and reduced the friction. It was the craziest thing ever.

The fake cock went in and almost dislodged my womb from it's position. I screamed.."oh my fuck! It hurts so good.." He grabbed my breast and almost pulled them from my chest.. He slammed deeper into me and squeezed my neck.."Soon after this, I'm going to fill your throat with another cock.. While fucking your ass and pussy.."

The double pleasure of having two big things fucking me made me go mad with pleasure. My mind blacked out. I'm just existing for one thing. To be filled with anything. To get crammed full of anything. Fuck the crazy dream man. This is exactly where i want to be.. A ball of sensation, getting filled!

Thursday, 16 February 2017

EBONY (featured poem of the week)

Red lipstick,
Purple gown,
Your beautiful smile,
On a merry-go-round.
The silhouette of your body,
On a canvas,
Can make a nigga go mad.
And a strong erection.
Volcanic eruptions,
And thoughts of orgasms.
The peace after an orgasm,
When I look into your eyes.


That Night!

I'm seated in the upper level of the school's library, reading rigorously for close to six hours now, gathering information for an important project at hand.
I'm working with one of the most reputable professors in my school, Prof Giwa and the old man has given so much to me; time, money, information, connections and the likes, consequently; much is expected from me.

 I had to shut down my social life; it's not as if I had one anyway.. I have to give this project my all! With all the pressure on me, I'm not seeing or even conscious of all that's happening around me in the library. All I know is there's a perfect decorum; exactly the way I want it.

Something broke my concentration, and I won't even like to call it a distraction. It was a Delicious voice, feminine and very friendly. I raised my head and looked straight into the best thing that have ever happened to beauty, "can I sit?" She asked.
Amidst my stammer, I managed to say yes and also introduced myself in full "I am Paul Oni JNR, 500L aeronautic engineering student, I'm reading for my project," - idiot! It wasn't necessary; my inner self told me.

But she was nice enough, she smiled and I watch in awe, trying to determine what the mood of God was when he created this woman sitting right in front of me, I mean, God just created a female version of himself! "I am Adesuwa Giwa, I am a 400L medicine and surgery student, I'm here to read for a test I have next-week." Chuckling as she said this, I understood it was joke on me and I smiled saying sorry for the awkwardness, "never mind, it's the best thing I've heard today" she said.

While reading, we talked but I kept it very normal and awkward-free, she gave me the privilege to see her smile at averagely 5mins interval and I gave her my knowledge in the medical world. She was amazed at how I know so much about a course I don't even look like I can study, I on the other hand was opening my bright white teeth and she appreciated my open upper cavity.

The whole thing was warm, informative and adventurous at the same time. Daniel my friend, the actual owner of the seat I gave to Suwa came by. I handed him his bag, stood up and kept my hand on his shoulder.. he understood that it was time to just go, he dare not destroy the moment. I saw him off to the foyer of the library, dashed back to the seat to continue my familiarity.

Getting there, I met her packing her books into her bag. I felt like killing Daniel for a minute, it wasn't his fault but I needed to blame Suwa's exit on something. She expressed her gratitude for my company and rushed off before I could think to ask for her phone number. That's typical of medical students, they rush every time.. I mourned my loss and went back to reading.

My loud ringtone woke me up in the morning, at about 5:00am, who the hell is calling me by this time on a weekend? I picked the phone and my eyes went wide open as I saw that it was a call from the most important person in my life at the moment, Mr Giwa!
I picked the call after clearing my throat, and the very calm and fully bass voice began to speak - "join me today at my house, 10am sharp. A minute after will be frowned at. Come with your all your research books and laptop, I will be waiting for you. I won't be around on Monday, so let's make good use of today." He dropped the call even before I replied.

All the sleep wiped off because I really haven't done much on the research. I began to read frantically, using textbooks, past research notes, the Internet, both my phone and my laptop.
I was so engrossed that I didn't know I've been on it for five hours! I glanced at the time and OMG!! I dashed to the bathroom. I wasn't sure I bathed but I had water all over me. I dried my body both with the towel and my boxer; I managed to dressed and I rushed out to my car.

My shiny red Toyota solara saloon car, It was gotten for my by Prof Giwa, just so you know how much he has done for me. Following the address given to me by the prof; 9:52am was when I got to the doors of his house. Thank goodness, I pressed the house bell button and he (Prof) opened for me, "good morning sir," I said with a smile on my face. He glanced at his wrist watch and asked me to come in.

I was working on untying the lace of my shoes; I knelt with a leg, and a voice said it wasn't necessary, I raised my head and cold ran through my spine, in a tiny bum short, fancy slippers, a crop top and hair bonded all back, it was Adesuwa.
My jaw dropped to my knees, how the hell didn't I figure it out?! Adesuwa Giwa was exactly what she said her name was! She quipped by saying "are you stalking me?" - in a very nervy tone, I replied "No" - she laughed and confirmed she was joking with me. She took me to where she knows her dad will want us to do our thing.. While swinging her Delectable ass. My eyes were totally glued on it.

"Sit down here for a bit" she left and returned with juice and cookies. Then she told me her dad will be with me shortly, thanked me for the previous day and told me she will love us to see after my lecture. I am still shocked, is God giving me a sign? Will I be able to concentrate after seeing this angel? I was ruminating on that while I enjoyed the treat and gave myself a viewing tour of the very beautiful study room.

Prof joined me an hour later. I was already researching, and he took a book related to my priority from one his neatly arranged shelves. He sat down, picked cookies from my plate and we began the rigorous and intense research.

We discussed alot and from that, we merged ideas together and it began to look like a project. Five hours felt like nothing until hunger set in, then he decided to adjourn the meeting. I felt relieved! I packed my swags and moved to the visitor's sitting room, "Paul! Will you eat?" The prof asked with his loud bass voice, my reply was positive not only for the food but for the cook that prepared it, Adesuwa.

She can cook, she's a prospective medical doctor and she is goddamn pretty! I joined them at the table, and the three of us ate palatable Eba, Egusi soup and goat meat.
Prof left shortly after the meal and it was just me and his daughter in the duplex. oh! Also China, Suwa's dog. We got talking and our chemistry was inflammable, maybe because we are intelligentsia.

From erudition in different field of study to fashion and lifestyle, plans for the future and memories from the past, I got to know that Eunice Giwa is Suwa's mom and she divorced her dad for career reasons.

Her mom is currently according to very credible sources the highest earning media personnel in the country, it's a jaw breaking revelation and I felt proud that a girl with a very reputable background is becoming my friend. She opened up in our convo that she doesn't really like medicine, it's just she trying to meet up with the family's status quo.

I asked what her real passion was and to my surprise, it's music! To back it up, she picked her guitar and gave me a very sensational acoustic tune. I clapped in awe, I asked why she's not at least keeping it alive; she said I know her dad just as well as she does, he requires a certain result from you, a result in conformity with whatever he envisioned. "He has always wanted me to be a doctor and he thrive day and night to give me an enabling environment; it is only normal that I give his effort a rewarding result," she said as she dropped her guitar.
 "it's late Paul, you need to be on your way," - I checked my watch and it's 10:10pm! She saw me to my car, pleasantries were exchanged, and this time, i got her number, Facebook ID and email also, to top it all; she HUGGED ME and professed that I made her day! "There's a God somewhere in heaven!" I said as I drove happily to my lodge.

We began to talk for lengthy hours, mutual calling, picture exchange and the type Suwa sends I must say are very explicit, I can't call it nude neither can I display it in a public place, as clad as it is, I needed no handout to know it was for my eyes only.
She told me she aced the test she's been preparing for and I seized the opportunity to ask her out on something like a date. I declared it was a surprise and at the end, how long she stays will depend on her. She agreed to meet me two days later which is a Thursday. We kept our talk very alive till the d-day.

Dressed in a tight black flared gown that ended on her knees,  her hair brushed and lying on her nape, a silver bead on her relatively fair neck, heels on her feet and a purse on her hand, she walked towards me and I literally got dumbfounded.

The heels added to her already tall frame and she was level with me, as she got close, the perfume she wore took me to the place 2face was trying to describe in his African Queen song, she disturbed by fantasy with the "can we go?" question. I opened the door and took her to where was on my mind.
I'd arranged a studio time with Daniel who is a music producer, still struggling but very passionate about his music. I wanted to help Suwa explore her music potential, so as to be at ease with herself.

The way she was dressed almost made me change my mind to take her for dinner but I managed to convince myself that it's going to be worth it going to the studio..We got there and the surprisef look on her face was priceless, she was close to tears and asked why I didn't tell her! She hugged Daniel and I.. I felt so like a MAN.

They started music and at some point I couldn't blend in anymore, music is not really my thing. They got into deep talking, trying to make something out of the situation, and the title of the song "the best one night stand!" - that got me more uncomfortable, the lyrics were dark but really it's getting somewhere.
I told them that I'd go get us dinner and I left without my backpack which I left of the small stool. I walked to a joint where sharwama is sold about twelve blocks away, after the order, I found out that I wasn't with my wallet, I was mad at myself. Really! I will have to walk all the way back and still come back to get the sharwama, I felt like putting myself in jail.

I apologized to the seller and began the journey back to the studio. It is a six storey building and it's only the option of the staircase because the elevator is undergoing repair, damn! My thoughts as I trudged the staircase concluded to telling them that the joints are closed, besides they should be done by now! I can't even walk all the way back. I'd grab a quick bite with suwa on our way home.
The biggest shock of my life hit when the transparent fraction of the studio's thick wooden door gave me a glimpse of the new development.. The recording booth could be seen as it was glass too and I saw two people kissing, deep and crazily. The kiss is passing a whole lot of message and nothing convinced me to open the door just yet, until this day, I don't know why I didn't.

Daniel was all over Adesuwa, her petite frame swallowed up by his. the kiss is deeply passionate and the door was thick; one ought not to hear stuffs from the outside except it's extremely loud- that I'm hearing Adesuwa's moan clearly shows that she was moaning on top of her voice.

Body to body they were, his hands moved all over, when I tell you all over, I mean all over! He held her breast firmly and he squeezed the hell outta it. Those ripe globes look near bursting. I needed two years to be psychologically strong to do that.
She held on tight to his arms and honestly Daniel has one the best biceps ive ever seen; he is tall and muscular. And compared to my slim and tall self, He's a catch. My eyes were glued to the door, they are too busy to notice me.

Her moans were soft and loud at the same time, complimented with the bass version Daniel was rendering.. It gave me an interesting melody I didn't want to hear. They got out of the booth to the operating department of the studio, and he pinned her to the wall directly adjacent to my viewing point, almost like he was trying to spite me. I could see them clearly now and nothing is obstructing my view. It's like a movie in high definition.

He drew her very flared gown up and put the edge in her mouth like a gag and he got down on his knees, tore off her red lacy panties and helped her put one of her averagely tall legs on the chair. The position bared her shaved pussy wide open to both our views and it looks like a ripe cherry begging to be eaten.. Her vulva was all shiny and wet. She looked so fuckable and her eyes slid half closed.

Now, her palpitations is so loud that even the deaf can hear, and she was panting fast as though she knew the way he's going to devour her cunt. And he didn't even take off her heels., that convinced me that Daniel is exploring his porno skills. She looked so fucking hot with her legs open waiting to be mouth fucked. I began to get hard at the sight. I never knew i had voyeuristic tendencies. Although, i can't believe daniel will do this to me, i can't help but get hard at the thought of what's going to happen.

His tongue suddenly striked her already dripping vagina, and the contact between both party made Suwa's moan go several decibels! He's good! He's really good! He ate the pussy up like its his meal after seven days of fasting.
Suwa was squeezing hard the hem of the cloth in her mouth, and I think I saw something like tears running down, "don't stop!" She thundered when there was a slight break. She held the hem of her dress and pushed his head deeper into the recesses of her cunt. I felt my dick harden to breaking point. I ran my hands on my cock through the pant I wore and squeezed hard. Fuck.

He continued eating deep and this time, Suwa was obviously trying to die. I hate what this swine is doing but fuck it; he's doing it well.  The higher sound of her moans is a testament to that fact.
Her leg were seriously shaking and she came all over Dan's face! Fuck it looked somewhat like pee, but whiter. She hosed his face while shouting, I googled later only to know that what I saw was an orgasm. Really? This dude is good!

It was time for her to work. He stood up and released his member and yeah it's huge. At my corner too, i released my dick and it sprung all hot and hard in my hand.
He sat on the chair used in the studio lounge and whispered what she's to do in her ears, "this can't be his first," I said to myself. She's now unclad, with her pointy and handful boobs out, and her curves were fucking hot. She bent over to do some head work, giving me a full shot of her creaming cunt. My cock screamed in protest. It wanted to sink into her! I palmed my dick and gave it some attention.

In between the wide open legs of Dan, she positioned herself and started the fellatio, she was an amateur obviously but trying to act pro, Dan wasn't feeling it and he decided they should have the real deal, "I'm a virgin" she said. Dan smiled crookily and laid her on the chair, massaged her clit intensely while he stroked his penis, he rubbed his head on her clit and Suwa was.. I don't even want to explain her expression; it's too heartbreaking for me.

In the middle of the sensation, he went all into her with an apt force! she choked briefly and tried contracting her thighs and she made a very audible noise from the pain, shit, he broke it all in one shot!! Dan is the biological son of the devil!! He's a bastard and lulled her into a false sense of security. With his dick crammed full in her cunt, and the blood seeping from the sides, he rummaged MY bag for tissue, took it and cleaned her up without even pulling out his dick. She moaned.. But I couldn't be sure if it's in pain or joy.

She didn't cry like I hear ladies ought to. Her urge increased so was her moan, she began to grind on him and meet his thrusts. He carried her; still on his dick and the devil stood up to play a song loudly with the sophisticated speakers of the studio. "how the hell was he able to think of that?" - only one thing is correlating; it's not his first time, it's a ritual he has done countless times. He played the music to snuff out the screaming to come. Bastard.

He carried her from the chair and placed her on the stool where my back was, then he fucked into her and began to stroke in and out..right on my bag! I was mad but still couldn't open the door. I stood there watching it and i jerked off my dick. I was near cuming. He moved in and out of her professionally, and their rythm was crazy!  Her loud moans gives credence to that, she was all in enjoying the moment, he was on it for about 15mins and carried again to the door, I mean the door where I was watching from; imagine! Is this guy trying to pass a message to me? He pinned her to the door and went banged her hard, she requested for the best of him when she said "give it all to me!"

He went wild and their movements that was slow initially turned into a fast one, she held her head, her back was partially blocking my sight from seeing but I switched positions.
We all began to sweat.. But they were gasping and speaking in tongues. He got extremely fast, banging harder on the door, this both moaning on high pitch, he yelled "ARRRRRRRRRRRRGH" and she screamed too. My hands jerked my dick faster and I splattered my Cum all over the door.

He came, I was sure because he dropped her afterwards, and I saw it drip down her thighs. I wasn't sure if she came again until she professed it!
I was sober but also I admired the good work Dan has done, she laid down fully nude on the floor trying to catch her breath for about 15mins before wearing her clothes, they used again the tissue paper in my bag to clean up their mess. What can be worse than this? He kissed her again and she said thank you. I couldn't even enter. I just stuffed my dick back into my pants and left.

They went back to music making and I found my way to my car to sleep with the heaviest mind ever, I was sure nothing else will happen all through the night because they've done it all. My biggest pain was none of them thought it right to call me to ask where I am, I could have been kidnapped or something. I managed to sleep and the following morning, I went back up to pick and my bag.

I opened the studio door and everywhere stinks of normalcy, they were both good actors. I met my bag right where I left it and declared to Suwa that it was time to go, "I hope to see you soon" Suwa said and I felt like pushing her down the staircase.

I drove her all the way home and I watched how she glowed, she was full of life and wild all through. she looked happy but I wasn't sure I was the reason. I dropped her at the gate of her house and she alighted, leaned on the car and said with the calmest voice ever "thank you very much, you made my night" - I smiled and answered "I DID?"


Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Trilemma 3

Part 3

I've got a date with Delilah this evening. I planned something absolutely special for her. A private dinner at our home.. Daniel is going to travel this morning and infact i couldn't care less. It made things more perfect for the both of us. I also told told him the house would be empty because I'm travelling also. He didn't even ask where i was going to.
She arrived at exactly 7pm and I'd gotten everything ready. I can't get over her absolute hotness. It's terribly delicious. I ran my hands through her hair and gave her soft lips a hot kiss.. She moaned into my mouth and twined my lips with hers. We got down to the dining and started eating. She wore a sexy over coat and i wondered what she had underneath. I didn't have to wonder for long. She looked down at her wristwatch and pulled off the overcoat. She wore the skimpiest swimsuit I'd ever seen in my life. It was just made up of a confection of nets and silk. It shimmered on her body and looked magnificent on her golden skin.. My pussy swelled in arousal.

I was in a mad rush to get home. I cant concentrate on anything at all. The thought of Lila waiting for me at home killed my concentration and left me in perpetual arousal. She's so bloody sexy. I lied to sasha about travelling; and she also mentioned the same. I felt very glad when Lila suggested we meet up at my house by 7:30pm. She asked me to get home not a moment earlier because she has a surprised planned for me. She also collected the spare keys to the house.

My brain ran on a loop at the surprise she must have in store for me. I can't wait to have her long legs wrapped around me this evening.
I didn't even bother to drive down; i don't want to get stuck in traffic. I left my car at the office garage and took a bike down to the house. I inserted the key in the lock and entered. Lila was standing in front of me like a sexy apparition. Almost dressed in nothing. She's wearing the craziest mix of lingerie have ever seen in my life. It left absolutely nothing to the imagination.

She pounced on me and kissed me ravenously.. I moaned in her mouth and melted..

She stood up and sidled over to my part of the table.. Then she pulled off my clothes until I was dressed in nothing.. She then kissed down my body and knelt between my legs and starting eating me up. My back relaxed and i positioned myself perfectly for her.. I closed my eyes and moaned deeply. I heard the lock clicking, but i was too far gone in bliss. Suddenly, i couldn't feel her mouth anymore. And i looked up.. She was nowhere to be found.. What's up? I thought.. I padded naked form the dinning room to the living room and got the shock of my life. Lila was wrapped in Daniels arms and I was astounded. He was eating her lips up like the last meal on earth.."baby, you're cool right.. I can wait to see the surprise you've planned for me.." he murmured. She broke off kiss, looked back and winked at me.

"I hope the both of you enjoy your surprise. I'm fitfully bored of the both of you and i can't cope anymore." We stared at her in shock.. She picked up her coat and wore it back. She dropped the spare keys and said "Bye". She smiled and laughed wickedly. For the first time; i saw how vicious she is. The door closed behind her with a bang.

I fought so hard with daniel and he fought back almost as fiercely. We almost divorced each other. The blame game was played and we began to realise how much lila almost destroyed our marriage and love. And the worst part is that we were just playthings to her. While we were busy feeling like users, she was the one using us. We totally under estimated her. She's the real deal; looking all innocent and submissive.
I can't believe how much of a fool the both of us were. She totally played us and it's our fault. We let the devil enter. She almost destroyed my family. I realised how we destroyed our marriage with a bitch. She did it out of boredom! That really stung my ego. She turned me into shambles.. Out of plain boredom.. I decided to let the bad blood end between sasha and I. We were both guilty and it's either we make our marriage work again, or we get divorced.


I remembered the scenario surrounding my marriage and remembered how much I loved dan. To the extent that i was Willing to share him for a night which later destroyed our lives. He made conscious effort to woo me back, despite the fact that I cheated and pulled away first. He promised to do everything to make me happy and make us work. I asked him about what we're going to do to Lila, and he replied that she's the daughter of a business partner and as such, he'd have access to destroy her life. We brainstormed on what to do to hurt her, but after sharing our hoe stories about fucking her with each other, we realized she's a true slut and she'd even enjoy a gang rape.

Daniel told me we have to pay her back in the most painful manner.
Playing with a married couple is the sweetest. My slim frame and innocent looks would convince anybody that I'm a submissive. I just love the thrill that comes with toying with peoples life and destroying it. I heard from my father that Dan almost divorced his wife and I chuckled inwardly. Those ones are fools. They thought they found the perfect prey.. Not knowing they met a predator.

Well, I'd promised myself that they'd be my last and I have to settle down for real. I met the handsomest man I'd ever seen; Tony, a month ago and life has been total roses for me. He's taken me to the heavens and back, and he showers me with all the love and attention that I need. He'd even proposed to me and we are having the most whirlwind affair in history. He even introduced me to heroin and I can't get enough.. I ate my cake and still had it!

We placed tony on her path and we waited in glee to see the fire blaze.. Tony is HIV positive and infact, lives on antiviral drugs every 6 hours. We paid him to fuck her raw, make her fall in love, and infact share needles with her. She must get that disease.. She deserves it!


A week to my wedding, i fell sick and was rushed down to the hospital by my dad. I tried convincing him it was the stress of the upcoming wedding, but he wouldn't listen to me. Some test's were run and the results shocked me. "You are 2 months pregnant and HIV positive ma'am." the doctor said sympathetically. I almost fainted in shock.

"Kindly bring your fiance for testing also." He said. I rushed down home and didn't meet tony. I called, texted and tried to contact him, but to no avail. I went to his apartment and got the shock of my life. No one named tony ever lived there. He wasn't even registered under a real name! He disappeared like he never existed and I was left behind!

The end.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017


I might scream at the top of my voice that i hate you, but remember that it's in my whispers that the truth lies.
Fvck how the outside looks, suits and ties.
Deep within, my heart speaks...but to you it's mere hushed silence.
I know you've been plotting graphs to figure out my heart's ambience.
Most times you can't figure if my aura is dark red or cloudy green.
You can't decide if i've got on a warm smile or a sarcastic grin.

But i send these messages to you, i guess you don't understand the code.
I guess your network is on the edge and it might just tip over.
I bet you think am 'Dinho with these leg overs.
I bet you think am treating you like a leftover.
All these thoughts got me sober.

Would you just listen to the voices in my head, and the whispers of my tongue as they pierce the air.
Listen for a second, 2,3 and 4 till it gets to a minute.
I never meant those words exactly the way they came out.
I would never directly give you hits, even if i was a musical artiste.
There are only a couple of things that could keep me at ease.

One of them would definitely be that you and i are in sync.
Watch the bad blood go down the drain through the kitchen sink.
It's because you can't hear me that i scream in agitation.
But when i do my messages get distorted.

The lines become all blurry.
And you don't even try to be patient to get it, babe why be in such a hurry?
I know you ain't gat the time, but atleast throw a hopeful "3" and you might just score like curry.
You might just connect the dots like a kindergarten pupil.

So just cultivate me like a rare specie of tulips and watch me bloom for you.
Do so gently and diligently, we don't want this to spell doom for you.
So just know in my heart that there's room for you.
Just know that beneath the baritone, there's a whisper that sings soul to you
Beneath this shmuck face, there's another that lights up for you. 

It's all in the whispers.


Is that pussy all mine?, baby don't lie.
waited outside your hostel till like 'bout 9.
Saw you with that nigga who's 6ft plus.
It hurts... Probably because am like bout 5.

I guess he goes deeper, am talking 'bout that dive
Maybe he's more juicy, making you cum alive in multiples of 5.
Maybe he acted upon my absence.
I guess he filled the void better.
Maybe He's your greek god now, your alpha, your omega... your beta.

Distance starved you of me...I guess i know why your feelings are anorexic.
I mean who would leave a lady so beautiful and soul so clean.
Who would jeopardize their future, just to make them the paper, to paint that green.
Who would go on a conquest, and leave his love to fate.
Got back from an "Odyssey", to an embrace of uncertainty.

Question marks hanging over this relationship, like the answers committed suicide.
De-boarded my ship, to discover you might have been pushed by Poseidon's tides.
Our love's been crucified, a spear thrust in its sides.
So my baby i ask... Are you still mine?
Or would i be greeted by his taste when your lips meet mine?
Is your focus still on what we had or have, is your soul still mine?

Would your kitty still shed tears at my touch, if i would loose you please show me a sign.
Put the cuffs on me like i committed a crime.
'coz i hear you scoff when you say you love me.
I feel the scorn when you say you want me.
And these days i ain't really digging your vibes.
'coz you telling me i mean alot could just be a hidden jibe.
So look me in my eye and tell it to me straight.
Paint a vivid picture, so on the wall of my mind i'ld hang the potrait.
Where we go from here you should tell me.

Am I still yours, and that beating heart of yours... "is it still mine"?

Monday, 13 February 2017

My Trilemma 2


I stood up to signal for more drinks. I'm already so fucking tipsy and yet, I've not seen any woman who caught my attention. Fuck.. We've been imbibing drinks like water since we got here. Infact, dan had asked us to leave, but im persistent. I need to make this happen.. I was still thinking when something spilled on me. "What's this?!" I screamed.. I looked into a pair of the sexiest eyes I've ever seen in my life. She looks absolutely exotic. She's dressed tastefully in a short skirt and a scrap of fabric.. That's barely holding back her breasts. They look like they'd spill out any minute. Fuck. I couldn't keep my eyes off em. Even as a woman! "I'm sorry.. I didn't mean to" she said. She looked so scared and innocent. I felt so bad screaming at her."it's ok, it's nothing.."

She looked relieved and bit her lips.. She then rummaged in her purse and brought out an handkerchief.. Then she dabbed at the spill on my chest. "I'm sorry.". She kept on muttering.. Her hands were so soft on my breast. It was like she's deliberately smooching me.. But i looked into her eyes and they looked so apologetic and guileless. I discarded that thought.."You can stop it, it's ok." I said while i grabbed her hands. I looked down at Daniel and i saw his eyes glued to her breasts.. He looked positively ravenous. I glanced at his trousers and saw it tented with a hard on. Perfect.

 This woman is the one.. But how to convince her? She stood in front of me looking uncertain.. I felt like ripping off her top and feasting on her body.. She looked so fucking gorgeous. She bit her lip again and that finalized it. I winked at daniel and pulled her hands. She looks like i can control her. So innocent. I dragged her to a dim part of the club. "So, what's your name?" She looked at me surprised.."I'm delilah.. But you can call me Lila."

She said in her husky voice. Fuck, i can't wait to fuck her with daniel.. She looks absolutely delicious. I moved closer to her and became dominant.. She looked scared and shifted backward until her back hit the wall.. I came close to her; enough for my breasts to touch her breasts. "I like you Lila.. And my husband likes you too.."she looked shocked.. "No, I'm not into..."

I bit her ear and whispered.."How'd you like to have the hottest night of your life?" I don't plan on accepting a No. I'm going to make sure she comes home with us tonight. Then we'd dump her tomorrow.
"I..i.." She stammered. I wondered at my luck.. She seems so submissive and indecisive.. "Don't worry, we'd use protection.. And infact; We'd use a discreet hotel. Not to worry, my husband owns it.." She looked uncertain. I ran my tongue up her earlobes and nipped.. Her eyes glazed over. I pressed my breasts on chest..her scantily covered breasts heaved and her nipples puckered.. She shivered in delight and i felt a thrill pass through me. I softly captured her lips with mine. That sealed the deal.

Daniel didn't even say anything. He let me take charge this time. We drove down to one of the companies 5 star hotels and went to the presidential suite.. Daniel sat down heavily on the bed and i pulled lila inside the room. She looks so innocent and i delighted in spoiling her. She couldn't be over 21 years.. I smiled at dan and winked.. I whispered in her ears.."let's give him the show of his life.." She nodded timidly. I kissed her and gently grabbed her breasts.. Then with my lips fused on hers, i manoeuvred her to the bed and gently eased both of us on it. Dan positioned himself perfectly to watch us. I gently flicked off her top and her breasts were bared to our gaze.

 They looked so succulent and the globes were so fucking firm with no sag at all. I latched on to one nipple and sucked like a mad woman.. I squeezed the other and ran the tip of my tongue around her aureole before i bite the nipple. She moaned deep and hard. I ran my fingers down her thighs and straight into her vulva.. It was slightly wet. I have to correct that.. I nodded at dan and he latched on the to her lips. He simply ate her up.. I flicked her clit and she screamed.. Dan ran his hands over her body and squeezed her breasts.. Then we each took a breast.. It was magnificent. We would kiss her breast and then kiss each other.. I pulled off her skirt and thong then went down on her.. While dan sucked her breasts.. She was on the brink of coming when i stopped. Then we swapped positions and he went to eat her pussy while i squeezed her ass.

 I pulled off my clothes and dan did the same.  I sat on her face and forced her to eat my pussy.. I faced dan and he stopped eating her pussy and kissed me.. It was glorious.. I sat harder on her mouth and almost choked her. I looked down and saw my pussy juices run down her face.. Dan grabbed his dick and plunged it into her.

Her muffled scream filled the room amidst our laboured breathing.."fuck. She's so fucking tight baby.. I wish you can feel her pussy squeezing you." He moaned.. I grinded harder on her lips and she moaned hard. I felt a thrill zap through me and i sat up.. I turned to her and kissed her lips.. Tasting my juices on them. Dan pounded into her like she's the last woman on earth and i clamped my lips on her clit.. She screamed again and i shoved my pussy down on her mouth to shut her up. I licked Dan's dick as he thrust in and out of her pussy.. He grunted like a bull and looked demented.. She ate me up, while i ate her and licked his dick. Delicious.

We had crazy sex that night. Dan has tremendous appetite to satisfy the both of us. He fucked her more though.. It was the craziest night of our lives. No inhibitions whatsoever. We slept entwined in each others arms. The next morning, when i woke up; i saw dan fucking lila and i felt a mix of sensations. It's like they are leaving me out. We are only supposed to have sex with her together. I looked into dans face and felt jealousy rip through me. He looked at her like she's the last meal on earth. The bitch too was moaning.. Looking all beautiful and perfect. I stood up and left for the bathroom.."baby, come and join us..""Yes, we ain't complete without... Yo...u" lila moaned.

 Really? But they can start without waking me up. I didn't answer them and just left the for the bathroom.. While i was showering, i heard them scream in pleasure.. And i felt anger fill me. Fuck. I hastened up and came of the bathroom, but lila was not in the room. "I sent her off.. I could sense your anger".."Yes! You basically cheated on me! It was supposed to be a one night stand!" I screamed. He looked at me in bewilderment.."Baby.. She's so hot, i couldn't resist fucking her one last time. I promise you, this is the last time that kinda shit will happen..No other sexual partners without the both of us present yeah?".. "Yeah.." I said reluctantly.

He moved close to me and hugged me. He knelt down and licked my navel.. Then he nuzzled up and licked the underside of my breast.. He then bent me over and slid into me. I couldn't clear the image of Lila from my head. It's like she bewitched me. Even with my anger at her fucking my husband behind my back, i can't clear images of her lithe body from my memories.. As dan pounded me; i felt thoroughly incomplete.. It's like the sex is not complete without her,, i wanted to bury my mouth on her pussy while dan fucked me from behind. Shit.. I can't decipher my jumbled thoughts.

A week later

I went to the club to find lila. I've been here twice in a row now.. I just want to see her once again. Whenever I'm fucking my husband, i imagine she's with us. Although i get angry when i think of she and dan fucking, i just want her for me. I want to have her to myself. "Hello, ma'am.. " i looked into Lila's eyes. I felt my heart beat faster. Fuck. She's here.." I don't know your name.." She said huskily. "Sit down dear, I'm sasha, and my husband is dan." She smiled and took her seat. We started talking and she told me she's 24 years and a graduate. I was shocked at her age.. She looks so young and innocent.

 This evening, shes wearing a see through gown and sky high heels that make her legs look very amazing. She's tastefully dressed and looked like she came from money too. I shoved that thought aside and licked my mental lips. Now, i can conveniently say that the reason i was angry the night after our debauchery was because i didn't get to taste her the last time, but dan did. Fuck.

We chatted for a bit and i just fell into her voice.. She exudes sex so innocently. It's like she's begging to be spoilt. I guess the reason I'm so much attracted to her is because of her angelic aura; yet she dresses like a slut. I couldn't wait anymore and told her to follow me. She stood up pliantly and we left for my car. Once we got inside, i lowered the level of the passengers seat and i pushed her to a lying position. I didn't even bother with niceties. She was fucking wet. I just turned us to a 69 position.

This was the beginning of my affair with lila. I'd take her out, and eat her the fuck up.. We started experimenting with sex toys and I'd fuck her with strap on dildo's. I began to drift away from dan slowly and lila was always there for me. We became very close and got to know a lot about her. Our affair was exciting and explosive and i kept it as a secret from dan. I noticed he didn't really care about the space between us, but i didn't care about that too.


That night was the hottest night of my life. That lila woman had the sweetest pussy ever and I'm just like an addict. Before i sent her off the morning after, i gave her my card and got her contact too. We began to chat and email ourselves. Then we set a meeting.
I'd been brimming with excitement to meet her. I can't even sum up guilt that I'm about to cheat on sasha with a woman she chose for our threesome. Although, I'd make sure we don't get caught. A day to the d-day, i attended an event organised by my father's friend- A business partner and i felt boredom engulf me.

"Dan, dan.." I heard a deep voice say and i turned back and saw my Father's friend, standing with lila. "How are you my boy?" I answered him and froze in shock. She looked back at me in shock.." This is my daughter, lila. She just came back from the states recently.." Fuck. Lila was the woman my father wanted me to marry two years ago! I wish i listened. Fuck. "Hello, I'm lila.." She said. And winked at me. Her father wandered off and left the both of us. "Shit. You're his daughter?!" She smiled demurely at me and came close to me. "Seems we don't need to wait till tomorrow to fuck.." She whispered seductively. "Meet me at the end of the hall way in five. And she glided off. I felt my cock harden in my pants. Fuck. Thoughts of sasha flew from my mind as all the blood in my circulation rushed down to my dick.

I rushed down to the hallway and met her waiting. I couldn't even wait. I slammed her back on the wall and pulled her gown up. Her pussy was totally bare no my view. I looked at her in question and she showed me the panties dangling from her fingertips. I ran mad and loosened my belt. I didn't even care if anybody caught us. I fucked her hard. Hard i meant. She screamed and i slammed my mouth of hers and kissed her deeply. Fuck. Her pussy wrapped around me like a vise and i could feel the cum boil from from my dick. I erupted in her pussy and groaned deeply. Shit.

We separated and she had a shit eating grin on her face. She pulled me inside on of the bedrooms, hers' i suppose. With my cum dripping down her thighs, we fucked again. That was the beginning of our affair. She became an integral part of my life. She'd come down to my office on the pretext of delivering documents for her father and We'd fuck and fuck. It was a torrid affair. She allowed me fuck her anyhow, any way. She'd do anything for me. There was a day we almost got caught by sasha. She'd come to give me a surprise visit and brought lunch with her. We finished Eating and sasha left.

Then Lila came in dressed in a sexy suit. The fact that my wife just left didn't make me jump on her as usual. My dick was limp with guilt and i told her.."lila dear, sasha just left.. I don't think i can do this today.." She smiled devilishly and replied.. "Really?.. No problem, just watch me then.." She sat on the seat directly opposite me and slowly placed her leg on my table. Her skirt pushed up and her bare thighs were bared to my gaze. She spread her legs wider and see her bare pussy. Fuck. She smiled so innocently and licked her fingers. Then she ran the tips all over her pussy.

She moaned and arched her back,then fingered herself. I forgot myself. I bulldozed over to her and pulled her up. I fucked her on my table that day. As i was fucking her, the someone knocked and the thought of almost getting caught got my dick harder. I covered her mouth while i pounded into her like a piston. "Baby, it's sasha.. I forgot my phone on your desk.."she said. I continued thrusting into lila and didn't even answer. Lila screamed at my pounding and bit my hands. I felt her cum. Fuck. I pulled out my dick and shoved it in my trousers.

"I'm coming.. " i took the phone and slid out, closing the door firmly behind me. "What took you so long? And why are you looking so dishevelled..." I dragged sasha into the restroom at the end of the corridor and pulled her into a stall. I pulled up her gown and rubbed her pussy.. She tried to protest.. But i shut her up.. I briefly considered shoving my dick in her mouth, but she'd taste Lila's juices on it. I pulled out my wet dick and it entered her without resistance.

She forgot all about why i left the office.


I've got the both of them wrapped around my tiny fingers. I'm starting to get bored though, things are going too smoothly. It's time to shake things up a bit!

Sunday, 12 February 2017

My Trilemma

This is the story of how we lost each other... In the most unlikely way!

I can't believe this shit is actually happening. Why do I need to get married? The board of directors; led by my father- ganged up on me. I need to have a better public image. Seem presentable and respectable. Really? To please the company, i have to marry too?! After all my sacrifices?! The only thing i indulge in is sex. That's all. The rest i leave. I give my 100% to the job and now it's turning on me! Why do i have to give up my freedom too?
Shit. I can't let this get to me. I'd just get a woman to have a marriage of convenience with. That shouldn't be hard.
I shoved thoughts of marriage to a little shelf in my mind. It's what i do; compartmentalise.

2 weeks later.

It turned out non of the women i fuck is good enough to be married to. I can't imagine living with anyone as shallow and vapid as them.. Finding a wife is not as easy as I thought. What nonsense. I have no time for all this, but because the Company is going public; I have to do this fast! The old cronies just patted my back and one even winked at me and said.." Just pick one from the parade of women you have around".. I wanted to slap the lecherous grin off his face. Bastard. My father is the biggest bastard of all. He's been trying to get me married to the daughter of one of his friends. But I'd rejected him repeatedly. I don't even want to meet her. I'd pick my wife myself!!

I vowed to get a woman in the remaining few days of the month left. 10 days. Falling in love is not a choice.


I've got overwhelming debts.. Crazy overwhelming debts i repeat. I'm addicted to shopping and I've swiped all my cards dry. I don't know what to do to break this addiction. I don't know how to say no to a winking jewel brooch, or a pretty scarf.. Or a mohair coat..All of which i don't need. I know you'd have thought my debts are because of something pathetic. No.. Nothing of that ilk.. Its all self made and i don't know what to do about it! What I need right now is a Very Rich man who'd clear my debts!! I strolled into the club and wish i can get hit on a rich man. I don't care if he's ugly or old. All i need id his money. Fast. Or I'd have to give up my mortgaged house.. Yes, it's that bad.

I sat at the club trying to relax.. I know i can't get any girl worthy of marrying me here, but I'm trying to relax and restrategize. I have just 3 days left and the search has been fruitless. I just have a few needs and if a woman doesn't meet it she's eliminated; beautiful, good spoken English, Intelligent and in desperate need of money. Yes, any woman in desperate need of money will definitely not catch feelings.. For sex, I'm still considering it..

" Yes babe! Just to get a Man oh! A rich man.. I'd do anything!! I'm in deep debts... Yes, my shopping! I promise, after i clear this debt, i will never buy anything i don't need again.." "That's what you said the last time,. Girl, you need either a therapist or a billionaire.." The line of convo caught my attention and I looked back and saw two women chatting beside me.. They were leaning on the bar while i was seated.. The first was slim and tall, while the other was extremely svelte and curvy yet.. Very slim waist and a beautiful face.. An absolute looker. She muttered.."lower your voice.. Must the whole world know?.." The other woman laughed and waved her off. I was intrigued by them.. The one with the problem caught my eye though. I perused her thoroughly and she met all my needs. I just don't know if she's intelligent.. In desperate need of money; because of something very vain.. I definitely want her. I'm sure she's greedy, and I'd easily pay her off after two years. In the mean time, I'm looking out for when I'd get her alone and discuss business.


I can't believe lade is shouting out my secrets.. I hushed her and our drinks were served.. "Carry our drinks to that table" i pointed. I'm coming, let me go and pee.."Are you escaping?" She said.. I slapped her shoulders with a grin"you're not serious at all.." She took the drinks and left while i asked a bouncer for directions to the ladies. I walked down there in a rush; im pressed. I entered a stall and peed then i flushed and came out.. And almost hit a man..
"What is this nonsense? What are you doing in the ladies room?! Or your brain left and you can't decipher simple English anymore?!"i screamed at him. I felt fear fill me. I've heard horror stories of women raped and maimed in club restrooms.

He raised his hands up.."Nothing of the sort ma'am. I just want to discuss business" ... I calmed down a bit and really looked at him.. He looks very handsome and expensively dressed. His watch looks like they can buy me a new car. I really looked at him and appreciated him.

I saw the moment dollar signs sparked in her eyes. Although casual, im tastefully dressed as usual. Ok, i just need to confirm she's intelligent. So, can discuss outside? I have a proposition for you.. She smiled and replied in affirmative.. We left the room and i wanted to lead her out to the Alley. "No, here is okay for us to stay".. She said. Hmm, cares about her life.. Not that greedy, i amended. We stayed at a corner of the club where the music is not so loud.."I couldn't help but overhear the conversation with your friend. I understand you're in debt and you need someone; preferably a rich man to help you with it.."

She eyed me speculatively.."What do you want. Be straight forward please! I've got a cold drink waiting.." No one ever speaks to me this way. I let it slide and continued.." I'm a rich man and i could clear up your debt. I need to get married; and i need to have a contract wedding fast. We'd divorce after two years and you won't want for anything for the rest of your life.."

"I'm not interested in getting married. Moreover, you're handsome and obviously rich. Women should be falling over themselves to marry you. Even if it's a marriage of convenience. So, why me?.

I looked at him in suspicion.. Who just walks up to a woman and ask them to marry? When this aint a movie. He explained to me about what he needs and the fact that he'd divorce the woman after two years. He mentioned the perks of being his wife, the money involved and the overall benefits. We exchanged contact and i promise to give him an answer soon.
****2 weeks later****
I sat in Daniel's office and I've been signing documents for the past 20minutes. This man is not leaving anything to chance. He's made sure that when we divorce, I'd leave only with the money he paid. Damn. The only time to really enjoy him is during the marriage.. I'd make sure i spend his money to heaven and back.. And even seduce him too; maybe have a kid or two. He's so cocky, and thinks he cant fall in love right?!

The wedding was very beautiful and small. The next thing I knew, I'm Mrs Sasha Salvador. It's too good to be true. But it is..
He would leave home very early and come back late at night. We both had the routine we follow separately. After some few months, i started getting bored of everything. I have virtually everything i wish for, but still, I'm not satisfied. Money. Cars. Clothes. Food. Parties.. Every thing catered for. But i wasn't satisfied.. I want to get to know Daniel. I wanted to know how he feels, how he lives.. I want to get into his head. I decided to align my plans to fit into his.. We started spending a lot of time together and i started loving him. We got to learn everything about ourselves. The first we had sex, it was magical.. He took me out and then we came back home tipsy..

We laid on the bed and he looked at my lips.."I'd love to taste your lips sasha.. They look Delicious.." I smiled and said nothing. Then he bent his head towards me and kissed me deeply. I opened my mouth and swiped my tongue on his lips. His lips are one of the softest lips I've ever tasted. They feel so soft and succulent and I'd love to eat them up.. I sank deeper into his kiss and we forgot ourselves. I was wearing a crop top and skinny jeans.. His hands crawled beneath the bra and touched me all over. He squeezed my breasts and made my brain go hazy with lust. I whimpered into his lips and almost swallowed his tongue. He ran his mouth down my neck and sucked at the tender skin between my clavicle and neck.. I moaned deeply and felt myself sink deeper into him. I grabbed his head and broke our kiss. Then i ran my teeth up his earlobes and he moaned deeply.. I bit it a little and he almost came apart.."fuck, grab my dick sasha.. My cock is hard for you" he said. He slipped his hands down my jeans and shifted my panties like they didn't exist. He flicked a thumb and finger over my pussy and i felt mad. I wanted to go crazy with want. I grabbed his hands and tried to force his fingers into my pussy, but he rejected. He kissed me deeply and then pulled off my jean.. He bent at my feet and licked his way up my pussy.. Wrapped my legs around his neck and went down to feast.

That started our sexual adventure and debauchery. There is nothing we won't do.. We have sex in both semi/public places where we'd almost get caught. It became thrilling and addictive. We began to grow closer and then finally, fell in love. I made him fall totally for me and the circumstances we met was all but forgotten..

On the eve of 2 years when our contract marriage will expire, he proposed to me with love and we had a big society wedding. It was the talk of town for weeks on end and everything was seemingly perfect. He even dissolved all the legal bindings we had regarding our contract marriage and we started afresh. He's been the perfect husband to me and we became very good friends. We'd take walks together, travel to exotic locations together and i was able to convince him to reduce his work load at work and focus more on his home. I became obsessed with giving him the perfect gift. He'd fuffiled numerous of mine fantasies and did virtually everything he could to make me happy.

 Had i known, i should have not tried it.
My life became totally fucked up and unbelievable.

"Daniel.. Baby, i want to have a threesome' with you."

"What? Do you know what you're saying sweetheart?" He sounded relaxed, but i could see the plain excitement tinging his eyes. "Your fantasy has always been to fuck two women.. How about we have your threesome".. I said, trailing my fingers up his arms.."No," he protested."That's going too far." "But baby, you're going to like it.. Infact, I've thought it through. We are going to get to a club and proposition any woman that catches our fancy.. We won't know her, and it's only for a night, so we can't run into problems alright?".. I murmured.."but what about you.. Are you so eager to share me?"

"No baby.. I just want us to fufill your fantasy. I want to make you happy.." He grabbed me close.."baby, I'm satisfied with you; fantasy or not. We are not doing this" he said firmly. I just smiled and looked on.

The next night we drove down to an exclusive down town club and i was checking out the women. What's the harm it in? It's just going to be for one night. And I'm sure it'd make daniel happy..I looked at him and said.."baby, hope you didn't forget about out threesome adventure. We are definitely choosing the woman tonight." He began to argue but i cut him off. "We are doing this, i know you want this baby.. Stop  pretending.. We'd get an anonymous woman to fuck tonight. After tonight, that's all.."
"Ok, honey whatever you say." He muttered with a grin. "Bad man..you'd love this.." I said with a smile and we signalled to the waiter.


I checked out the attractive couple sitting behind me. The woman is very slim but full.. I licked my lips mentally. And the man is handsome too. But the woman caught my eye mostly. She's sexy in a beautiful way..
Hmm.. So, they both want a woman to use for the night right? And then dump her like she doesn't exist? I'm going to make sure I'm that woman. But the difference is, i wont be dumped. By the time I'm through with them, I'd choose whoever i want and let the other get flushed.
I'd take them to heights they've never explored and I'm going to get entwined in their lives.. You just watch and see. They'd love me completely. I'd make them forget a life before me.

They're my new project.